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Chapter 638 - Excellent Teamwork

Yue Zhengyu’s wings gave off resplendent light as he emanated a mighty aura weighing down on Lei Xing and Lei Tian, further slowing their axes down. Then he quickly took advantage of the opening he had just created, sliding under the axes, speeding past the Lei brothers through the space between them, and bringing his holy sword up towards Lei Tian.

He didn’t meet their attack head-on like Tang Wulin would have done, but used his agility.

“Tang Sect secret art: Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track!” Fang’er blurted out. She sure had keen eyes.

The audience couldn’t believe their ears; they had never expected Yue Zhengyu to be a disciple of the famous Tang Sect.

As Yue Zhengyu was charging through the Lei brothers, he stretched his wings, struck their shoulders, and retracted them immediately. The holy light over his wings crashed against the Lei brothers’ lightning armor, creating an impact not strong, but strong enough to cause the Lei brothers to stagger back a step.

A golden ring had appeared on the ground when Yue Zhengyu started performing his stunts, but the Lei brothers were too preoccupied with Yue Zhengyu to notice it. Even if Yue Zhengyu weren’t keeping them busy, it still wouldn’t be easy for them to notice it, because it was lying behind Lei Xing. Now the impact had forced Lei Xing to step right into the golden ring.

All of a sudden, golden chains shot out of the ground and bound Lei Xing up like a golden mummy.

Fang’er turned her head to look at Xu Xiaoyan and found her standing far away from the other three and holding a radiant staff. That golden chain is obviously her soul skill, and she timed it just right for it to capture Lei Xing when he was thrown off balance.

Lei Xing realized to his shock that no matter how hard he fought against the chains, he couldn’t break them. His lightning armor and battle armor were doing him little good, and his struggles had proved to be a waste of energy.

Seeing that Yue Zhengyu’s holy sword was about to catch him, Lei Tian swung his Lightning Axe at it while staggering back, in an attempt to block it. At the same time, he looked behind him to make sure he wouldn’t step into a trap like his big brother had done.

Even a small mistake could cost one the match if one’s opponent was just as strong. Lei Tian was not in Yue Zhengyu’s league, so he couldn’t afford to make the smallest mistake. However, he made one, and a big one at that.

When Lei Tian’s Lightning Axe met with Yue Zhengyu’s holy sword, the sword vanished, and his blow struck nothing but air. But the holy sword appeared again an instant later and bit through his lightning armor beneath his arm – where there was no battle armor – before he could bring his axe back to block the attack.

It was one of Yue Zhengyu’s little fighting tricks. He could make his weapon appear and disappear at will. Of course, this trick would consume his soul power, but the benefit was w

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