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Chapter 640 - Bad Luck

“I just realizedit’s been days since we last saw Teacher Wu and Elder Cai,” Xu Xiaoyan said suddenly.

Tang Wulin’s mind turned from Mu Ye and his heavenly food to Wu Zhangkong. Yeah, where is Teacher Wu? I think I’ve onlyseen him once since the tournament started. And he didn’t give us any tactical guidance or anything.

“Let me call him,” saidTang Wulin.

The government here had issued them each with a new soul communicator the moment they arrived at the Star Luo Empire. Tang Wulin took out his and dialed Wu Zhangkong’s number.

“Is something wrong?” Wu Zhangkong’s voice was as cold as ever, yet it warmed Tang Wulin’s heart this time. Teacher Wu is alive and well.

“We’ve been competing in the tournament recently, Teacher Wu,” answered Tang Wulin, “and we’re doing pretty well. Do you want to give us some pointers?”

Wu Zhangkong fell silent for a moment. “You haven’t even made it to the knockout stage. What do you need pointers for?” Then he hung up.

“What did Teacher Wu say?” asked Yue Zhengyu.

Tang Wulin told them.

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “Is Teacher Wu being irresponsible, or is he confident that we’ll win?”

Yuanen Yehui put her chopsticks down on the table, thoughtful. “I think he wants us to develop the ability to tackle problems and handle challenging situations by ourselves.”

“Agreed. Yuanen has a point,” Xie Xie said right away.

Yue Zhengyu’s lips curled in disdain. “You agree with everything Yuanen says.”

“Yeah. So what? You have a problem with that?” asked Xie Xie.

Yue Zhengyu let out a sigh. “No, I don’t have a problem with that. But Yuanen might do. I don’t think she wants a spineless yes-man for a boyfriend.”

“You’re so gonna die!” Xie Xie jumped over the table and wrapped his hands around Yu Zhengyu’s throat.

Yue Zhengyu wrenched himself free from Xie Xie’s grasp; he was stronger than Xie Xie when it came to strength.

Yuanen Yehui didn’t so much as glance atthem. “I’ve had enough. I’m out of here.”

“Wait for me,” Ye Xinglan said, rising to her feet. The two girls were somewhat alike in personality.

“Teacher Wu is not here with us, but that doesn’t mean we can slack off,” Tang Wulin said. “The following matches will be tougher, but we will get stronger!”

Wu Zhangkong went to the window in his hotel room and stared off into the distance, his face reflective. I have nothing else to teach you. I can only help you this far; the rest of the journey you have to go on your own.

All the four pairs of the Shrek Academy had won their first two-on-two round-robin match, and they were also victorious in their first seven-on-seven team battle. Now the one-on-one round robin was going to kick off.

When they checked the competitors in their respective groups, Tang Wulin found that one of the Monster Eight Kings was in the same group as him – the fourth prince, Tiger King Dai Yueyan.

As for Yue Zhengyu, he had to fight the most form

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