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Chapter 642 - A Clash of Auras

He has unparalleled talent like Master En Ci,thought Dai Tianling, and that’s one more reason we can’t lose this match. If he lost, the public esteem of the Monster Academy would drop significantly.

A serious expression dawned on Yue Zhengyu’s face the moment he entered the stage. He suddenly felt as if in front of him stood not a human but a mountain. Long Yue’s power frightened him, the way his laughter had done when he shook Tang Wulin’s hand. He had seen Tang Wulin’s strength, which was even on par with that of Yuanen Yehui’s Devil Titan; yet strong as Tang Wulin was, he had been defeated by Long Yue the other day in their strength battle disguised as a handshake. Just how strong is this man?wondered Yue Zhengyu.

Long Yue wassmiling his relaxed smile, like he had done in all his other matches.

The referee looked at Long Yue, and then at Yue Zhengyu. As a citizen of the Star Luo Empire, he naturally wanted Long Yue to win, but honor bound him to supervise the match without bias.

“Begin!” the referee shouted.

This was Long Yue’s first time to fight a student from the Shrek Academy.

Yue Zhengyu shot out his holy aura towards Long Yue right away. His body started shining with brilliant golden light, which quickly turned into high flames of light dancing around him, his eyes a resplendent golden.

A look of surprise flashed across Long Yue’s eyes; he lifted an eyebrow. Not bad. I should have expected that from a student of the Shrek Academy.Then he crossed his arms and met Yue Zhengyu’s aura attack with his own.

Boom! Even the stage shook a little when their auras crashed together. But Long Yue’s aura quickly overpowered that of Yue Zhengyu, flooded forward, and bore down on his opponent.

Yue Zhengyu felt a massive pressure weighting down on him. He gave a muffled grunt of effort, the golden flames of light around him dancing wildly. When he was about to be forced to fall back a step due to Long Yue’s aura, his four soul rings appeared, and a golden beam of holy light shot up into the sky and saved him from taking that shameful step. Such a terrifying aura! The pressure is making me barely able to breathe!

When Yue Zhengyu was meditating in the waiting area, he had thought over how to maximize his chance of beating Long Yue. He had been well aware that taking on such a powerful opponent as the head of the Monster Eight Kings without a plan would be as good as committing suicide. So he had come up with the plan to surprise attack him with his aura to create a window of opportunity or something. Yet he hadn’t expected Long Yue to possess such powerful aura, and now his plan seemed to have backfired.

Their auras had been blocked by the barrier around the stage, so the audience could only assess the situation using their eyes, and all they were able to see were Yue Zhengyu’s fancy golden flames of light and the dazzling light beam. They were starting to get a little worrie

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