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Chapter 604 - Fierce Clash

Fist and blade beam collided in a tumult of rushing wind. Tang Wulin managed to destroy the beam, but the force of the clash halted his charge. Pain seared his fist, but since the soul power of the Mysterious Heaven Method cloaked his body, he was fortunately spared any real injury.

This outcome surprised Tang Wulin, but it startled his opponent, Ling Wuxie, even more. Ling Wuxie couldn’t believe that Tang Wulin was able to resist his blade beam using his body alone. Even if that was just his first soul skill, he was still a Soul King! His first soul skill would still be extremely powerful. Yet Tang Wulin had punched it apart.

Ling Wuxie furrowed his brow in contemplation.Is this kid trying to die?

Tang Wulin’s eyes flashed golden, his body straightening as he stood taller than before. Two golden soul rings appeared around him. The first shone brightly and strength filled his body as his right arm swelled, transforming into a golden dragon claw. Instead of his martial soul he chose the strength of his bloodline!

Ling Wuxie stared in shock.Are those… two soul rings?He only has two? But wait, why are they golden? Even if the legends speak of golden soul rings, a two-ringed soul master shouldn’t have them!

The two elders who had come to watch Ling Wuxie’s match and were about to leave the viewing platform immediately sat back down. Their brows furrowed, all their attention focused on Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stomped on the ground and exploded forth like violent lightning. Empowered by Golden Dragon Body, his speed reached its maximum. He arrived in front of Ling Wuxie in the blink of an eye, thrusting his claw at Ling Wuxie’s chest. The attack shone resplendently under the spotlights. Ling Wuxie hastily sidestepped the attack and brandished his Nine-ringed Silver Blade, rings jingling from the movement. Silver light bloomed forth and the blade struck the claw.

A metallic screeching filled the air, and Ling Wuxie was sent flying backward by Tang Wulin’s claw. He slammed into the barrier that surrounded the two. His blade hummed loudly, a sound that resembled a wail of pain. While the soul barriers blocked out external noise, it still let noise from within leak outside. The audience heard the wails of the blade clearly.

This intense clash between these two competitors had every spectator in complete shock. Everyone took note of the five soul rings revolving around Ling Wuxie, clearly indicating his status as a Soul King. He was definitely one of the most notable competitors in the preliminaries, but even though he was a Soul King, he had been sent crashing into the barrier.

Did a gale blow him away?The audience couldn’t fathom what they were witnessing. Then they shifted their attention to Tang Wulin and his pair of glittering golden rings.

Ling Wuxie was still reeling. His entire blade arm was numb and trembled from the forced of the clash. It was only now that he understood how c

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