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Chapter 606 - Captain, come to my room later

Gu Yue flashed Tang Wulin a smile. “But you didn’t even use your own battle armor. Xinglan can’t make the circuit core yet, so she’s going to make more pieces for everyone else first. Your right pauldron should be finished soon.”

At the sound of those words, Tang Wulin’s eyes shone. His first piece of battle armor was his right gauntlet, and next was the right pauldron. Once he had that piece, his entire right arm would be clad in battle armor. Since his Golden Dragon Dreadclaw was his most powerful attack, it would undoubtedly reach new heights with the pauldron. When that time came, he would have a fighting chance in a full-fledged battle against a one-word battle armor master.

“Let’s go,” Gu Yue said, leading the way.

Tang Wulin hastened after her. He had gained insights from the battle and now wanted to ponder upon those insights further.

On stage, Ling Wuxie finally picked himself off the ground, stumbling like a zombie as he exited. As he slowly removed his battle armor piece by piece, he noticed the deep gashes on his chestplate. Deep gashes left by Tang Wulin. He would need a mechanic to repair it, but the cost of repairing a one-word battle armor was sky-high. His complexion paled at the thought, his mind growing numb.

“Do you feel discouraged?” asked an elderly man.

Ling Wuxie raised his head and said in a hoarse voice, “Teacher.”

The elder walked over to Ling Wuxie. Slapped him across the face! His cheeks flushed with pain, waking him from his stupor.

“Do you feel discouraged?” the elder asked again, his tone grave.

“No.” Ling Wuxie clenched his fists, tears trickling down his face.

The elder raised his palm again, and just when Ling Wuxie thought the elder was about to slap him once more, the elder pulled him into a hug.

“Remember this,” he said in an unyielding tone. “This a shame that you must carry on for the rest of your life. If you ever want to redeem yourself, then you have to become stronger. You can’t make any excuses for this shame. A loss is a loss. Do not fear it. Being eliminated doesn’t matter. What matters is that you acknowledge your loss and your weakness. You didn’t lose because you didn’t bring out your full strength, but because your opponent refused to let you. What you lack is real combat experience. So, I’m bringing you to Hell Valley. You will train and fight there for the day you can redeem yourself. Once you’ve washed away this shame, you’ll truly have become strong.”


News of a five-ringed, one-word battle armor master eliminated in the first round of the preliminaries spread like wildfire. But to the dismay of the gossipers, the boy who created this miracle was nowhere to be found. Only a few people knew that his competitor number was 333.

Unlike Tang Wulin, the rest of his friends had much weaker opponents. Minus those who sat out of the one-on-one competition, such as Gu Yue and Xu Li

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