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Chapter 608 - Growing Old With You

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Probably not. I’m planning on enlisting in the military in the future. It’s been my plan to enlist after graduating from the inner court for a long time now.”

“The military?” Ye Xinglan’s eyes widened. “I heard from Lizhi before, but I didn’t think it was really true. Is enlisting better than cultivating at Shrek?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “It’s my goal, so I’m going to do it just like how Gu Yue became a member of the Spirit Pagoda. We all have our own goals. What about you? Are you really going to stay at Shrek?”

Ye Xinglan nodded. “I don’t like dealing with politics and whatnot of the outside world. Staying at the Academy suits me best. Lizhi’s planning on staying too. He said he’d keep me company.” A warm smile graced her lips.

“That’s good! Just think, how much will we have changed ten years from now? When we think back on this time, we’ll probably smile fondly on the memories.”

Ye Xinglan grinned. “You’re right! Maybe we will. Alright. Enough of that. You can go on now. I need to cultivate.”

Tang Wulin exited Ye Xinglan’s room then walked back to his own. But before he reached his room, Ye Xinglan’s word echoed in his mind and he stopped in front of Gu Yue’s room.

After a moment of hesitation, Tang Wulin knocked on the door. An instant later, the door opened and he stood face to face with Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin walked in and proudly said, “I’ve got my second piece of battle armor now! You’re probably next.”

Gu Yue chuckled. “Who knows? We’ll see what Xinglan decides. In any case, I’ve already completed the designs for everyone’s second piece of armor.”

Tang Wulin didn’t stand on politeness and plopped himself onto the couch. He grabbed a cup of water on the table nearby and took a few sips.

“Hey, that’s my cup.” Gu Yue glared at him.

“Oh,” Tang Wulin answered, but continued on with a smile. “Eh, I’ve already drank from it. You can wash it later.” Then he finished gulping down the rest of the water.

Gu Yue crossed her arms and glared at him, but he just chuckled. “I like it when you’re like this. You don’t have to act grumpy. We’re already fifteen years old. You should act more mature. If you keep making that face, you’re gonna get wrinkles.”

Gu Yue grabbed one of her slippers off her feet and threw it at Tang Wulin. “I’ll put wrinkles on you!”

Tang Wulin just to slipper hit with a smile. “You know, I remember hearing a song a while back. It was called ‘The Greatest Happiness in the World is Growing Old With You’. Gu Yue, do you think we’ll grow old together?”

Gu Yue’s mind blanked and she stared at him speechless.

Tang Wulin stood up and walked over to her. Then he bent down onto one knee and put the slipper back it back on her slipper-less foot. He stood back up and rubbed the top of her head. "Oh my. Your hair is a mess now.”

“Bastard!” Gu Yue glared at him, absolutely fuming with rage.

“Nighty night!” Tan

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