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Chapter 610 - The Art of Agility

Hot pain rapidly spread throughout the bear soul master’s whole body and he went stiff.

In the eyes of the spectators, the exchange had happened in the blink of an eye. Only those who had been keenly watching were in awe by how artful Xie Xie’s technique was. He was like a wisp of smoke dancing in the wind as he slid about, repositioning multiple times within a second to misdirect the bear soul master and stab him from where he least expected. He was like a ghost with how he weaved in and out.

The instant Xie Xie’s dagger stabbed into the bear soul master’s ribs, he jumped overhead and slashed at the nape.

The Light Dragon Dagger lightly brushed against the bear soul master’s neck, then he collapsed onto the floor. His central nervous system had been pricked, instantly depriving him of control over his body.

The tailed soul master was far too slow to react to any of this. Her first soul skill was Spirit Disturbance. It wasn’t a particularly powerful control skill, but it had always been effective when cooperating with her brother. She had never expected Xie Xie to overcome it so easily.

Xie Xie had learned the Purple Demon Eyes and possessed strong spiritual power as a result. So when faced with spiritual attacks, he only needed a split second to recover. Furthermore, he possessed swift reaction times as an agility-type.

A boom thundered in the air as Yuanen Yehui used her second soul skill, Air Cannon, without even transforming. A blast of air exploded toward the tailed soul master.

The tailed soul master flicked its tail and light blossomed to greet the air blasts.

But Yuanen Yehui’s Air Cannon was not so weak as to be blocked by merely that and easily penetrated the impromptu defense. The fist-sized blasts of air exploded, sending the tailed soul master flying through the air. She had instantly fainted.

Although much had happened during the battle, it had concluded in a mere ten or so seconds! They were all four-ringed soul masters, yet Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie dominated the battle.

Countless officials of the Star Luo Empire were paying close attention now. The general audience may not know of these two’s background, but the officials did.

“Your Majesty, those two students from Shrek Academy are extraordinary!” exclaimed one of the elders by the emperor’s side.

Dai Tianling slowly nodded. “How do you think they compare with our students at Monster Academy?”

The elder furrowed his brow, hesitant. “If they’re the same age, then it’d be hard to say.”

Dai Tianling glanced at him. He knew this elder well, and if he spoke with such caution, then that certainly wasn’t a good sign.

The elder continued, “But the competition is restricted to those twenty years old or younger. We shouldn’t have a problem defeating them. We’ll need to keep a close eye on them though. From what I saw earlier, that agility-type should be the stronger of the pair. His speed, ex

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