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Chapter 616 - Life or Death

Tang Wulin held his breath and kept his silence. He didn’t notify the others. He couldn’t. If he even made a faint sound, they would spot him and then might detonate the bomb right off the bat.

There was nothing to be done for it. He had no choice but to wait.

He felt sweat spring out on his forehead; he had never been this close to death before.

The four members of the Green Skull Renegades set up the base proficiently and rushed the soul bomb onto it.

“All the bombs inside have been defused,” sounded Tang Wulin’s earpiece suddenly. “All agents, chase them down. Don’t let them escape! All white-class agents, report!”

“This is white one, all clear.”

“This is white two, all clear!”

But Tang Wulin didn’t report; he never moved a muscle. He fixed his eyes on the movements on the wall, trying to come up with a feasible solution.

“All right. Time to bounce!” The two-word battle armor master on the wall spread his armor’s wings, flapped them, and leapt into the air, followed by the other three.

Gold lines started appearing on the base; obviously, the bomb had been set on a timer.

Considering the speed of battle armor masters, the four members of the Green Skull Renegades only needed 10 seconds to get out of the explosion range, so it was safe to assume this seventh-grade soul bomb would explode in 10 seconds!

“This is white three,” Tang Wulin shouted, jerking himself up and shooting out his vines. “Four enemies are fleeing! A seventh-grade soul bomb is gonna explode! Evacuate immediately!” He grabbed the base with the vines and pulled at it with everything he had.

He was trying to change the direction of the bomb.

Yet the base refused to budge. The gold lines suddenly started shining intensely!

That’s not good!Tang Wulin immediately recognized the situation. It must have an anti-tamper device or something. I have accidentally activated its self-destruct program!

The self-destruct delay time for soul bombs was three seconds.

After three seconds, this place would be razed to the ground.

Three seconds was not nearly enough time for Tang Wulin to get to safety.

At this crucialpoint, Tang Wulin found himself extremely calm, his eyes golden. With a push, he leapt over to the bomb right away. He threw his arms around the base and tried to yank it off with all his strength.

Maybe he couldn’t damage the solid base, but the stone wall was nothing against Tang Wulin’s strength. The base and the bomb came off in his hand easily.

Then he wasted no time in concentrating all his strength in his right arm, his armor giving out bright light. He started spinning like a top and flung the base and the bomb into the air. All of this happened in just a second

No sooner had the bomb left Tang Wulin’s hand than he jumped again. He was strong, but the bomb and the base were heavy; he knew one throw wasn’t enough. He needed to get the bomb higher in the air.

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