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Chapter 614 - The Battle Hall's Mission

“Good. We have enough people now,” the black-class agent said, then raised his right hand and pressed the button on his black badge. The distress signal immediately cut out.

He’s the one who sent the call for help?Tang Wulin’s eyes went wide.Wait. It wasn’t a distress signal. It was a summons! So it’s used like that too.

Tang Wulin had rushed over in a hurry since this was his first time participating in a Battle Hall mission, and on the continent of Star Luo, no less. What did he gather all of us here for?

In truth, there was a special system in place at the Tang Sect in Shrek Academy that blocked Tang Wulin’s badge from receiving any of these distress signals. This was due to his status as a Shrek Academy student and his tremendous potential. It was better to avoid putting him in the harm’s way before he graduated as a one-word battle armor master.

However, due to the independent systems between Tang Sect branches, the local one’s signal still went through to Tang Wulin’s badge. As a result, he would participate in his first mission as a Battle Hall agent today.

Now that he was here, he decided to make the best of it and participate in the mission. In any case, since they were all in identical uniforms, no one would be able to identify him.

The black-class agent said, “We’ve received reliable intel that the Green Skull Renegades are planning an attack on Star Luo City tonight. We’ve already discovered and verified their site of attack, but we don’t know where their base of operations is yet. All we can do is prepare at the targeted site. I will be leading this squadron out to intercept them. Everyone, prepare for battle.”

“The Green Skull Renegades are extremely vicious. In order to minimize civilian casualties, you are all permitted to kill them on sight. Before we begin the mission, confirm your identities.”

Confirm our identities? How do I do that?Tang Wulin was at a loss. But soon after, he saw the other agents raise their badges. He motioned to do the same, holding his white-class agent badge high.

The black-class agent’s badge was much larger than Tang Wulin’s. It seemed to have additional functionality built into the device. A black light shot out from the black badge and into the white badges of the gathered agents. In response, the badges lit up in several colors like a starry expanse. Among them were four purple lights, shining brighter than the rest, and twelve yellow lights. The rest were all white.

Not counting the black-class agent, there were thirty agents gathered at the moment. Four were purple-class, twelve were yellow-class, and the remaining fourteen white-class. According to the rules of the Battle Hall, black-class agents had to be at least a three-word battle armor master, purple-class had to be two-word battle armor masters, yellow-class were one-word battle armor masters, and white-class agents needed at least four soul rings, one piec

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