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Chapter 591 - Annihilating the Dusksilver Bear!

The shadow behind Tang Wulin belonged to a dragon’s head, its eyes blood-crimson. The instant it appeared it suppressed the Dusksilver Bear’s mighty aura. Just its head was enough to illustrate the bear and its gap in strength. Opening its maws wide, the dragon head let out a rebellious roar toward the heavens!

Feng Linwan wasn’t the only person with a ten-thousand-year spirit soul. Tang Wulin had the Tyrant Dragon!

Every spirit soul possessed some sentience. The greater its cultivation level, the higher its intelligence. At the ten-thousand-year level, spirit souls were as smart as humans. While the Dusksilver Bear was a bit lacking in intelligence compared to its peers, its instincts still screamed out in fear before the Tyrant Dragon. Before the overlord of land soul beasts. Even if Tyrant Dragons had been extinct for many years now, the blood of the Dusksilver Bear knew to fear it. This was the dragon that inherited the most power from the Golden Dragon King, reaching the apex of brute strength.

As a result of its instincts, the Dusksilver Bear trembled in fear when it heard the Tyrant Dragon’s deafening roar. It crumpled into a cowering ball. Yet somehow it still maintained its momentum as it flew toward Tang Wulin.

In the next instant, Tang Wulin’s arm transformed into a golden claw, its talons digging into the metal of the hammer’s handle. Feng Linwan’s jaw dropped almost simultaneously. He couldn’t believe his eyes. That hammer was made of sturdy alloys! Yet it was merely tofu before Tang Wulin’s claw!

As the giant hammer flew back to the mecha’s hand, Tang Wulin managed to swing it at the Dusksilver Bear mid-air! He exerted over ten thousand kilograms of strength in that instant!

The hammer struck the bear with a bang! It stood there, gaping. Never in the bear’s dreams did it believe it would be struck by its own hammer!

Minutes ago, it had wielded that same hammer to smash others into oblivion. Now facing said hammer, it finally understood the fear of being smashed. Its body writhed in pain from the hammer’s crushing effect.

The moment the Dusksilver Bear was smashed to the ground, the force recalling the hammer to the mecha lessened. However, the force was still present. The hammer’s trek back to the mecha’s hand undisturbed.

“Fuck!” Feng Linwan could no longer keep his calm.Is that kid even human? He’s practically a Tyrant Dragon in human form!

Even so, as an elite of the Green Skull Renegades, Feng Linwan did not falter before Tang Wulin’s domineering aura. He immediately stopped recalling the hammer. It plummeted from the skies.

As the hammer fell, Feng Linwan burst toward Tang Wulin in his mecha, swinging the hammer in his left hand at his target.Even if you’re strong, you only have four rings! There’s no way you can fly!

Hammer closing in on him, Tang Wulin concentrated all his strength into his arms and waist. In midair, he swung

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