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Chapter 593 - Riches

The equipment Tang Wulin won from his victory was practically worth its weight in gold! For a money-grubber like him, he couldn’t be happier.

In a flash of light, his yellow-grade mecha appeared beside him. While inside this mecha, he widened the gash in the black-grade mecha’s cockpit, extracting the corpse of Feng Linwan. With a flick of the mecha’s wrist, he tossed the corpse to the side. Then he stored the black-grade mecha and its hammers in his storage rings. He didn’t neglect the numerous yellow-grade mechas strewn around the battlefield either and asked Wu Zhangkong to help him store them.

Wu Zhangkong worked swiftly to collect all the mechas into his storage ring. By the time he had finished, the reinforcements just arrived.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s friends were staring at him in shock. Yue Zhengyu took a few seconds before closing his gaping mouth. He said, “Captain, where’d you get such a huge storage ring? And what are you going to do with those yellow-grade mechas?”

“They’re mine! All mine!” Tang Wulin snickered.

“What about our share?” Yue Zhengyu said, looking Tang Wulin straight in the eye.

Tang Wulin smirked. “Don’t worry. Teacher Wu also took down some black-grade mechas. We can all have a slice of that pie.”

Among their group, only Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi were truly interested in the mechas. The rest were more intent on battle armor. However, there was no denying that high-grade mechas were extremely precious. Just the amount of top-tier alloy they were composed of would fetch for a sky-high market price. Unfortunately, high-grade mechas were hard for most people to use since they needed it to be compatible with their martial soul. But it was still easier to refit a high-grade mecha to a new pilot than to build a new one from scratch.

Feng Linwan’s mecha was a mecha provided by the Green Skull Renegades. It was humanoid in design, similar to those of Douluo. Refitting it would be a piece of cake.

The Star Luo Empire’s response had been swift, gathering up hundreds of mechas to secure the perimeter of the train. Medic mechas were scouring the area from the sky, swooping in to treat the injured.

Wu Zhangkong descended from the sky to the side of his students. Seeing that all of his students were fine, he slightly nodded without speaking a word.

As he swept his gaze through them, his eyes stayed on Tang Wulin a few moments longer than the rest. Many others had witnessed Tang Wulin smash the black-grade mecha even from a far distance. Naturally, Wu Zhangkong’s vigilant eyes did not miss that scene either. During Tang Wulin’s battle with the mecha, he had been preparing to swoop in to save his student. Yet to his astonishment, Tang Wulin managed to overpower his opponent. Such a feat wasn’t possible with simply strength.Not only has this kid grown even stronger, it looks like his martial soul evolved too.

As a teacher and alumnus of Shrek Academy, Wu Zhangkong

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