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Chapter 595 - Spirit Abyss Realm?

The Spirit Sea realm required spiritual power of at least 500 points. As for the Spirit Abyss realm, it started at 5000 points! A tenfold increase!

Tang Wulin knew his spiritual power had grown significantly, but he was certain it was no more than 1000 points. He was still a far cry from reaching the Spirit Abyss realm. If Gu Yue truly did reach the Spirit Abyss realm, then that meant her spiritual power was even greater than Wu Zhangkong’s!

She’s just at the Spirit Abyss realm, right? There’s no way she’s further than that… I need to go confirm with her.Pushing back breakfast a bit further, Tang Wulin knocked on Gu Yue’s door.

It opened immediately, Gu Yue exiting in a new gray dress. She had never been an exceptional beauty, but she certainly looked glamorous now. There seemed to be a peculiar aura around her.

“A-are you really in the Spirit Abyss realm?” Tang Wulin asked.

Gu Yue rolled her eyes. “Would you believe me if I told you?” she said as she walked past him.

“Of course I would!” Tang Wulin said, hurrying after her. “Have I ever doubted your words?”

She stopped in place. Suddenly flipped around to stare him right in the eyes.“Then if I say I was thinking of killing you yesterday, will you believe me?”

Tang Wulin staggered. “The hell would you be killing me for?”

“Do you believe me or not?”

“No way. You would never,” Tang Wulin said, pink lips peeling back to expose pearly white teeth. He lightly pinched the tip of her nose. “Now enough of your riddles. Before I actually stop trusting your words.”

The tension melted out of Gu Yue, her eyes softening. “Jeez, you. Fine, let’s go eat breakfast.”

Gu Yue resumed leading the way to the dining hall. In her heart, his words still resounded.‘You would never.’

The pita-pat of footsteps as Tang Wulin chased after her. “Hey! Don’t change the subject! You still haven’t answered me! Did you make a breakthrough?”

Gu Yue shot him a dirty look. “Yeah. Why don’t you say that again, but louder? Let the entire hotel hear.”


Shortly after, they arrived at the dining hall. A luxurious buffet was available for breakfast.

As Tang Wulin took his seat, he wore the face of a warrior preparing for battle. Since he missed dinner the night before, he had to make up for it with an extra-large breakfast! Within minutes, the other guests were stunned into silence as they witnessed Tang Wulin inhale food like a tornado.

“Captain, what are you planning to do today? I was thinking of inviting everyone out for a stroll,” Xu Xiaoyan said shortly after she arrived.

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yue, “We’re going out today.”

Before Xu Xiaoyan could even open her mouth, Gu Yue said, “I’m taking him to find some medicine. We’ll be back right after. If you guys wanna go out, then it’ll be a good idea to leave early as well.”

“Oh.” Xu Xiaoyan moved her gaze from Tang Wulin to Gu Yue. After a moment, her eyes w

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