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Chapter 622 - The Special Effect of the Left Claw

Tang Wulin jerked back his Golden Dragon Claw. It didn’t take him long to figure out that his left claw’s special effect was tearing.

His right claw's talons were cone-shaped, but the ones on his left claw were sharp, like the fangs of a tiger.

The left claw had a striking resemblance in appearance to the right one, but their special effects were widely different. They were both very powerful though.

He would have roared like a lion, were he not in a hotelat this hour of the night. With golden scales clothing his chest, back, shoulders, and arms, he felt wonderfully strong.

He was already looking forward to the changes brought forth by breaking the sixth seal. Once I break it, I think I’ll have another golden blood essence soul ring.

He brought the two claws together. When they met,there was a “ding” sound that was so refreshing, and with it a golden circle of light. The diamond-shaped scales stood up, razor-sharp tips pointing out.

Tang Wulin brought the scales back down with his mind. What just happened?

He reversed the flow of his blood essence, and immediately two golden soul rings appeared around him. He activated Golden Dragon Body.

Since he was naked – he had just taken a shower – he could have a good look at himself.

The Golden Dragon Body could create scales to protect him as well, but those scales were not real; they were morelike a layer of energy. Tang Wulin could even cover his face with those fake scales if he wanted.

However, the scales brought about by absorbing the energy of the Golden Dragon King were genuine scales growing from his body. They were thick and solid. After he activated Golden Dragon Body, it was hard to tell which was which, but clearly the part covered by both the real scales and the fake ones was the strongest.

He clashed the two claws together again, this time a little harder. He had deduced from his first experiment that his two claws wouldn’t function on each other.

Ding! Once more a golden circle of light appeared, enlarged, and faded.

Tang Wulin saw more clearly this time. The scales sprang up again. It seemed he could use them to attack, like a hedgehog. The scales created by the Golden Dragon Body also stood up a little, but they were of little use except for providing protection. The “ding” sound was able to refresh him, making him more focused. It might not be a blood essence soul skill, but it was as good as a normal soul skill, if not better.

Tang Wulin was euphoric. Looks like the Golden Dragon King bloodline is full of potential!

The thought brought a big smile to his face. He lifted his claws up, looking at the spiral lines on the nails, feeling the tremendous strength inside them. It feels so good!

Then he put his arms out to the sides. After a succession of cracking and popping sounds, his hands returned to normal, thescales retracted.

Nowhis height was already comparable to

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