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Chapter 613 - The Call of the Tang Sect

“Tang Wulin, hold up a minute!” Dai Yun’er furiously shouted after him.

Back turned to her, Tang Wulin opened up his arms and shrugged as he continued walking away. He didn’t have a good impression of her at all. He couldn’t get along with manipulative pranksters like her. Furthermore, he wasn’t a citizen of the Star Luo Empire, so he had no loyalty to the Star Luo imperial family.

Dai Yun’er watched Tang Wulin leave with his friends, her chest huffing up and down with anger. “Just you wait…” She turned around and ran off, straight for the imperial palace.

Dai Yun’er had snuck out of the palace today, so she ran unhindered all the way back as well. She headed straight for one of the inner rooms.

“Fourth Brother! Fourth Brother!” She shouted before she even reached the door.

The door opened and a bright voice sounded, “Oh miss princess, did you stir up some trouble again? How big is the problem this time?” A man in his twenties walked out in a green robe. He was handsome, tall, and slender with a scholarly air to him as his mouth parted in a subtle smile. He held a book in his hands, seemingly have been interrupted in his reading.

“Fourth Brother!” Dai Yun’er ran over to him, tears streaming from her eyes.

Dai Yueyan’s smile vanished and he hurriedly hugged his sister. “What happened to my little princess? Who hurt you? Hurry up and tell your Fourth Brother.”

Dai Tianling had many sons, but the imperial family still lived in harmony. They had to for the sake of the Star Luo Empire.

Thousands of years ago, when the Star Luo Empire still existed on the continent of Douluo, the sons of the emperor would compete in life-and-death struggles for the right of succession. The most powerful would earn the right to become the next emperor. However, after a certain generation, this tradition of ruthless competition between siblings was abolished. Instead, it was required that they all lived together peacefully and only compete in fair circumstances. Even with the change in tradition, only the most outstanding of the sons would succeed the emperor.

The Dai clan could trace its roots back tens of thousands of years.

Dai Yueyan was undoubtedly the most promising son of his generation. At the age of nineteen, he was a military genius cherished by Dai Tianling, who already planned to make him the crown prince once he turned twenty.

Dai Yueyan and Dai Yun’er were born to the same mother, and among all the brothers, he was the one who doted on her the most. In fact, he doted on her even more than their father, Dai Tianling. As a result, Dai Yun’er always went to look for him first when she ran into trouble.

Although Dai Yun’er was a troublemaker, she was a very cheerful person. It was only once in a blue moon that she would cry so much, and usually, she was only faking it to gain sympathy.

Seeing his sister shed so many tears, Dai Yueyan panicked and did his best t

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