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Chapter 590 - Green Skull Renegades

The pilot of this black-grade mecha was Feng Linwan, a famous member of the Green Skull Renegades. At the young age of twenty-seven, he was already a Soul Emperor and one of the Renegades’ rising stars destined to become a divine-grade mecha pilot.

Since the tender age of three, he had loved mechas and dreamed of becoming Star Luo’s greatest mecha pilot, always yearning to be near one of these great embodiments of modern technology. His every action was for the sake of this goal. By the time he was twenty-seven, he had defeated many of his rivals in the Green Skull Renegades, eventually obtaining his own black-grade mecha. And he had rejoiced the moment he received it and loved it dearly. So much so, in fact, that he once slept for three whole days in it. If truth be told, that wasn’t a rare thing for him to do.

A mecha was an extension of the body in Feng Linwan’s eyes.

For the sake of becoming an ace mecha pilot, he had fervently cultivated since the day he awakened and spared no effort in improving his pilot skills, opting to even ignore any secondary profession. To him, those were only distractions. All he needed in his life were mechas.

Although battle armors were powerful, Feng Linwan didn’t believe the power of an individual could overcome that of science. As mecha technology progressed, he was certain that mechas would one day surpass battle armor!

The operation this time had been planned long in advance. They were to strike the train with overwhelming military force and take out the most powerful people in the Douluo delegation.

Under the watchful eye of the powerful Star Luo Empire, the Green Skull Renegades could barely continue to survive. For the sake of more breathing room, they needed an external force to intervene and draw away the Empire’s attention. The delegation from Douluo was perfect for this purpose. As such, the goal of this operation was to eliminate the entire delegation, causing a rift between the two continents’ governments.

Their surprise attack had been kept under lock and key. Before they commenced, a communications blockade was imposed on every participant. In fact, most of them hadn’t been privy to the operation’s objective.

After the Green Skull Renegades had bombarded the soul train with special radar-jamming shells, everything seemed to go according to plan. That a Tiled Douluo would be present had been known in advance, and they had prepared accordingly with a divine-grade mecha. However, Feng Linwan hadn’t expected that there would be people left over able to defend the train.

The next phase of the battle now strayed from their careful planning. In the firefight between both sides, although they had managed to suppress the defenders with overwhelming numbers, the casualties for the Douluo delegation numbered extremely few. The vast majority of the Douluo delegation’s members were soul masters of at least some repute. Combined with t

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