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Chapter 615 - Seventh-grade Soul Bomb

Tang Wulin was never an impatient person. He sat down in a dark corner and quietly started usingthe Mysterious Heaven Method, feeling all the slight changes around him and waiting for the night to come.

According to the information they had received, theGreen Skull Renegades had already made some prearrangements in the theater, but they didn’t know their full plan.

It was getting dark; night was falling.

Star Luo City was the capital and also the largest city of the Star Luo Empire. At night, the streets were lit with bright lights and bustling with people.

The Star Theater was a medium-sized theater that performed a few plays every day, mainly historical plays. The Star Luo Empire had a long history which was divided into two parts: the Douluo Continent history and the Star Luo Continent history. The second part started after the people arrived at the Star Luo Continent.

The theater had already begun various preparations, even though the performing wouldn’t start for a while.

In the first basement of the Star Theater, a manhole cover was moved away silently, and then several black figures emerged.

"Remember the plan!" A low voice sounded, and then the black figures quickly spread out.

In the theater, a handsome middle-aged man in a black tuxedo was looking at the script in his hand. He raised his eyebrows slightly and stood up with his eyes narrowed.

“Attention all agents. They’re here. In the first basement. Let’s get the show on the road!”

The basement of the Star Theater was very complex, with concrete columns as the foundation supporting the entire theater. At this moment, the black figures were rushing to these columns, sticking round soul bombs on them.

At the same time, masked agents started for the basement quietly in the dark.

Tang Wulin heard the order through his earpiece and stood up, waiting.

As much as he’d like to go where the real action was, he followed the order and stayed put, because he knew he wasn’t strong enough. If he had a suit ofone-word battle armor, both his combat skills and survivability would increase tremendously, and thus he would naturally be much safer.

After Black One gave the order, Tang Wulin’s earpiece fell silent; all he could do now was wait.

The audience began to enter the theater. Today's play was very interesting and was one of the most popular plays the Star Theater had to offer –Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhaovs. theBlack Dragon King.

The Spirit Ice Douluo had prevented the enemy from invading the Star Luo Empire on his own. He was the most worshiped man on the Star Luo Continent; his reputation was greater here than on the Douluo Continent.

On the stage, some warm-up shows were already being performed; the audience had no clue that a fierce fight had broken out below them.

Tang Wulin’s earpiece started sounding constantly.

“One enemy down! One bomb defused! Number of enemies unknown.”

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