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Chapter 594 - Why Didn't You Act?

Gu Yue’s pupils suddenly transformed into vertical slits. She lifted her hand from Tang Wulin’s shoulder, the silver scales on her arms twinkling. A split second later, her eyes and hand returned to normal. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she pulled the blanket over Tang Wulin. She closed the curtains. Then she quietly left, not there to witness as Tang Wulin’s breathing steadied moments later, the teen whisked away to the land of dreams.

The door of her room shut behind her. With a wave of her hand, a silver light enveloped the surrounding space. From the silver appeared a man, cloak the shade of night draped upon his form.

“Why didn’t you act?” the man asked. “Even the Tyrant Dragon has acknowledged him and chose to become his spirit soul. That is already enough proof that he contains the pure bloodline of the Golden Dragon King. It’s impossible for someone to naturally be born with the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline, so there must be a special cause for this. As long as you strip him of his bloodline, we will have the answer. And if you’re able to fully absorb the bloodline when the time comes, then perhaps—”

“Enough!” Gu Yue said, her voice soft but cold enough to freeze.

The man dropped to one knee before her, lowering his head.

“Leave me. We need to pick up the pace,” said Gu Yue. “I already have a plan.”

“My Lord, what about Na’er? Will you really let her continue as she pleases?”

“I won’t interfere with Tang Wulin. We will wait for him to make his choice. The bet between Na’er and I will be seen through to the end. Once the outcome is determined, I will act against him, but for now, focus on the objectives I’ve given you.”

“Understood,” the man answered respectfully. Once he rose to his feet, he disappeared into the shadows without a sound.

Gu Yue waved her hand to dispel the silver light. She approached her window and lifted it, watching the last light of the sun vanish beyond the horizon. Her eyes were unfocused, her mind in a daze. As if she hadn’t a care in the world.

But in the end, Gu Yue noticed the confusion within her heart and was at a loss.

When Tang Wulin roused, he felt refreshed. His mind was clear and his body brimmed with energy.

As he stretched, his stomach roared in hunger.Wow. I’m starving!He had forgotten to eat dinner the previous night. Now he paid the price.

His hunger stirred up fond memories of his time with Mu Ye. Every morning after his torturous training under the stars, Mu Ye had delivered delicious and nourishing food to him. After the past two months on the ocean, he had practically eaten anything and everything worth eating in that biome. His body couldn’t have grown so strong in such a short timespan without that food.

In just one day, the injuries Tang Wulin had received from battling the black-grade mecha had completely healed. Blessed with such an extreme recovery ability, he didn’t have to worry about

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