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Chapter 598 - Embarassment

Numerous people roamed the hall, bustling about as they conducted their business. There were two reception counters, one on either side of the hall. The space reminded Tang Wulin of the Blacksmith’s Association back on Douluo.

Tang Wulin took in everything as he swept his gaze through the hall’s entirety. As he watched and listened, he formed a better picture of what set apart Star Luo’s Tang Sect from the others. Here, the Tang Sect’s corporate front, the Dazzling Era Tang Sect Corporation, was a mega-conglomerate spanning the entire continent. They manufactured and sold all sorts of soul devices and dominated the market. Naturally, those products were for civilian use. But Tang Wulin also overheard someone saying the Tang Sect was an arms supplier for the Star Luo Empire. Truly an influential organization!

Tang Wulin never imagined the Tang Sect occupied such a lofty position on Star Luo. Clearly, they favored the Star Luo Empire more than the Sun Moon Federation. Perhaps there were tensions between the Tang Sect and the Federation behind the scenes.

After a moment of contemplation, Tang Wulin quickly moved on. It was enough to understand the local situation. He was only here as a member of the diplomatic delegation.

Once he checked in, Tang Wulin left the Tang Sect headquarters and headed straight back to the hotel. When he returned, Gu Yue was still out. He asked the concierge about forging workshops and soon managed to rent a nearby workshop.

Tang Wulin hurried to the workshop and diligently got to forging. He couldn’t afford to waste time when his blacksmithing skills were more valuable than ever here in Star Luo. Still, just like in the Federation, he would spend a significant amount of time blacksmithing.

It seemed the two continents weren’t as different as he had originally thought.

Two days passed in a flash. Everyone from Shrek Academy grew familiar with the city. On the third day, Tang Wulin’s group was notified that the Emperor of Star Luo would receive the delegation that evening, with a banquet following. They were advised to dress in their best for the event.

Tang Wulin still only had the one suit Gu Yue bought him. The others just managed as well.

Once evening fell, limousines pulled up to the front of the hotel to pick them up.

Elder Cai was an especially honored guest so she rode in her own limousine. Wu Zhangkong and the students shared a different one.

The Star Luo Imperial Palace stood in the center of the city. Supposedly, it was identical to the palace that used to be on the Douluo continent. The Imperial Family possessed the surname of Dai, and the most famous of the bloodline was Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao. Originally, his name had been Dai Yuhao and he had descended from the Imperial Family.

The Dai clan had ruled the Star Luo Empire since ancient times, but they had abdicated the throne for a period. Then Huo Yuhao appeared, and wit

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