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Its proud head was raised high up into the air, and an indescribable aura was emanating from its entire body. In the instant that Tang Wulin caught sight of this dragon soul, the Golden Dragon King bloodline within his body suddenly began to churn with renewed ferocity, making him feel as if his bloodline aura were about to erupt outward at any moment. Even the remaining 12 Golden Dragon King seals were trembling slightly.

What's this feeling...

Tang Wulin suddenly recalled back to the history lesson that Gu Yue had given him regarding the dragon clan.

The Dragon God? Could this be the soul of the Dragon God?Tang Wulin was astonished as this thought occurred to him.

Could it be that this gargantuan rainbow dragon soul belonged to the legendary Dragon God? The very same Dragon God that had led all of the Beast Gods on a revolution that had almost destroyed the entire Divine Realm?

Did this mean that the one that had drawn him to this place was none other than the Dragon God itself?

Tang Wulin drifted onto the ground with Dai Yun'er on her back. Even though Dai Yun'er was still in close proximity to him, she still fainted on the spot as she let loose a muffled groan.

Tang Wulin hurriedly caught her before checking her vital functions, and he was quite relieved to find that she was only unconscious. He pulled out Dai Yun'er's dragon ball and held onto her hand after placing the ball in her grasp in an attempt to activate it, only to find that the dragon ball seemed to be completely nonfunctional here.

As such, he could only hold Dai Yun'er in his arms, not daring to let her leave his side as he didn't know what was going to happen next.

He raised his head to look up at the colossal dragon soul, and after a brief period of unrest in his bloodline, he was suddenly struck by an indescribable sense of intimacy from this gigantic dragon soul.

Gu Yue had told him that following the death of the Dragon God, it had been split up into the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. Could it be that this was the origin of his Golden Dragon King bloodline?

In that case, the bloodline in Gu Yue's most likely belonged to the Silver Dragon King rather than a Seven-colored Dragon as she'd proclaimed. So that's why she came to the academy to find me and made such an effort to get closer to me.

An indescribable sense of pain began to throb in his heart. It turned out that she had approached him with some kind of ulterior motive after all.

The soul of the Dragon God didn't appear to be a living being; it merely stood in a completely stationary manner at the center of the valley with dense rainbow light radiating from its body. Tang Wulin took a deep breath before slowly striding forward with Dai Yun'er in his arms until he was very close to the dragon soul.

After a brief hesitation, Tang Wulin pulled out a piece of uncommon metal from within his storage soul tool before flicking his wrist, sending the piece

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