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Chapter 709 - Where were You Last Night?

Tang Wulin walked out of the hotel. Moonlight shone down on the quiet town, silvering the stone-paved streets. A cool breeze was blowing in from the mountain, carrying thelight scent of earth and trees. He took a few deep breaths. The air was fresh and clean and sweet, but he couldn’t live on air alone.

It was a small town, but it hada good number of different restaurants. He found a shop that sold cooked meats and a bing[1] restaurant. He wondered what it would taste like if he folded a bing around cooked meats. It would definitely bedivinewith some sauce!Hunger often made people fantasize about eating all kinds of delicious food. Each and every shop on the street had the Tang Sect’s emblem on their door. This town had been built by the Tang Sect, he judged. He walked and walked, but couldn’t finda single restaurant that was open.

He looked around and spotted a large wood not far from the town. Maybe I can catch a boar or a pheasant there.He moved through the woods as silently as a cat. A cool wind whispered out of the south, making the trees rustle like living things. He thought he heard the rush of water in the distance.

He summoned the Bluesilver Emperor and had planned to make a net, but the vines started dancing wildly as soon as they appeared, as if they had found their long-lost friend. He had been so preoccupied with looking for something to ease his hunger pangs that he hadn’t noticed the rich natural energies floating in the air until now. Exulting, he quickly satcross-leggedon the ground and started meditating. The natural energies began to flow into his body through the thick vines so fast that he thought he could even feel his soul power growing.

When he woke up from his meditation, he found the morning had dawned, and he had missed the time to train his Purple Demon Eyes. Nonetheless, he was as happy as the birds chirping in the trees, because his soul power had grown significantly after a night’s meditation. I should be able to reach rank 50 in a year or two, if I can train in a place such as this every day.

He stretched, feeling invigorated, jumped to his feet, and made his way through the woods to the town.

It was very early and the hotel was still sleeping. He strode towards the cooked meat shop he stumbled across last night, his face lighting up when an aromatic smell tickled his nose and made his stomach clench with hunger.

He broke into a trot. When he arrived at the shop, he saw a large cauldron sitting on a wood fire outside the door, big chunks of beef swimming in bubbling brown gravy.

Tang Wulin could feel his mouth watering. “Excuse me, I’d like some meat!” he shouted to a fat man inside.

The man walked out with a smile. “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait. The meat won’t be done for another half hour or so,” he said, adding some spices into the cauldron.

“Can I order some now and pick it up later?”

“Sure! How much do you want?”

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