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Chapter 694 - I Yield

Yuanen Yehui flew straight up into the air and slashed at Dai Yueyan with the demonic sword which had materialized in her hand, sending out a purplish black crescent-shaped sword beam which shot at top speed towards the fourth prince.

Dai Yueyan swung his right arm, creating five beams of light to meet it. Boom!

That was when he found Dark Yuanen Yehui standing right behind him. A purple wave spread from her, bypassing his armor to weaken him.

Startled, Dai Yueyan slashed his claw viciously at her, but then a small voice whispered inside him, “Are you really gonna hurt me, my prince?” The voice was so soft and alluring that his hand stopped moving.

By then Yuanen Yehui had transformed into her Titan Giant Ape form. She plummeted to the ground, pulled her right arm back, and unleashed a punch. Boom! The force of impact sent Dai Yueyan staggering backward.

Dark Yuanen Yehui was still smiling her seductive smile. She raised her right arm, a dark sword appearing in her hand.

Now the prince had to face two opponents, a giant ape and a fallen angel.

In the blink of an eye, the ape was on him again, slamming its fist towards his chest. Before he could dodge, the fallen angel pointed her sword at him, casting a spell on him. Suddenly he felt so frightened that he couldn’t move. Then a beam of dark light shot out of her sword towards him, instantly wrapping around him to bind him up.

That was when Yuanen Yehui’s fist landed on his stomach, knocking him into the air. Dark Yuanen Yehui flew over to him, whispering in his ear, “Look out, my prince.” The giant ape jumped up, took hold of his ankle firmly, and flung him to the ground with brute force.

A loud boom rang out. The audience closed their eyes in horror.

His armor had protected him, but he could still feel intense pain rushing through him, because Dark Yuanen Yehui had casted a second spell on him to increase his pain by several times.

Yuanen Yehui didn’t let go of his ankle. She swung Dai Yueyan up above her head and slammed him down, and again, and again.

Sickening thuds resounded throughout the arena.

The audience was left aghast. Fang’er stopped commentating, shocked.

“Stop, stop!” the four referees shouted, rushing towards Yuanen Yehui.

Dropping Dai Yueyan’s foot to the ground, Yuanen Yehui looked at the referees. “I lost control of myself, sorry.”

Her words provoked an uproar from the audience. Everyone could see that she was avenging Tang Wulin, but she had done nothing against the rules.

The Monster Academy’s waiting area was deathly quiet. Anger was plain on their faces.

Dai Yueyan was not as badly hurt as Tang Wulin had been, but still, blood was coming out of his mouth and nose alike.

Dark Yuanen Yehui whispered something into the ear of Yuanen Yehui, who had changed back to her human form, and disappeared into the black portal. Then the Hell’s Gate vanished.

Yuanen Yehui’s face went

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