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After reacting to his Golden Dragon King bloodline, the energy from the dragon souls became a lot more readily absorbed by Dai Yun'er. This was something that Tang Wulin had unintentionally discovered; with the assistance of his bloodline aura, the low-level dragon souls would become very submissive, thereby allowing Dai Yun'er to refine and absorb them more quickly.

As her body continued to be enhanced by these dragon souls, she was filled with vitality, and not only did she have far more stamina compared to in the past, she didn't even need to eat anything anymore.

Half an hour later, Dai Yun'er sprang up from the ground, rising up to around five meters before gently drifting back down like a falling leaf.

She had jumped that high without the use of her soul power, and that indicated a marked improvement in her constitution.

"This is fantastic! You're the best, Brother Three!" Dai Yun'er suddenly pounced on Tang Wulin before planting a kiss on his mask, causing him to stumble back in retreat.

"Let's keep going," Tang Wulin said in a resigned manner.

Dai Yun'er grabbed onto his arm with a wide smile, and said, "You're so good to me, Brother Three. My teacher told me in the past that if I want to ascend to the level of Titled Duoluo, I have to focus more on improving my physical constitution as only with a more powerful body will I be able to withstand such an enormous amount of soul power, as well as compress my soul power to further progress in my cultivation. I have twin martial souls, but one of them is an agility attack type while the other is a spirit type, neither of which will significantly enhance my body. My teacher also told me that if I were to bolster my body solely through consuming spirit items, that would result in an unstable foundation, so I've been constantly working hard to improve my constitution. However, even after working arduously for so many years, the benefits I've derived can't compare with how much my constitution has been improved during these past few days! I really was wrong about you. If I'd known that you were such a good person from the beginning, I would've let you sleep in the room."

"Ahem," Tang Wulin freed his arms from Dai Yun'ers grasp in an inconspicuous manner as he said, "Yun'er, it inappropriate for excessive physical contact to take place between a man and a woman who aren't related in any way."

Dai Yun'er immediately burst into laughter upon hearing this. "I haven't gotten married yet, so there's nothing to worry about. Speaking of which, Father has been constantly nagging me to choose a husband, and I came on this Battle Hall mission just so I can get away from him. He's urging me to choose a husband after the conclusion of the Continental Young Elites Tournament, and he was originally going to marry me off to Big Brother Long. Do you know Big Brother Long?"

A thought occurred to Tang Wulin upon hearing this, and he asked, "Are you talking about that Dragon King

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