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Chapter 706 - The Shrek Academy Team is Victorious

Gu Yue separated from Tang Wulin in a flash of seven-colored light. Then a sudden wave of fatigue washed over them. Their legs gave out, and they ended up sitting on the stage.

The stadium was as silent as if it were empty. Everyone was too stunned to move. Itall happened so fast that nobody could believetheir eyes.

Long Yue wished it had been a dream, a terrible nightmare he would awake from, but the searing pain in his shoulder was reminding him it was real.

Tang Bingyao, Elder Cai, and Wu Zhangkong were as shocked as En Ci and Dai Tingling, only they were also exulting.

“The Shrek Academy team is victorious!” a referee announced after regaining his composure.

A smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s wan and tired face. We defeated him and defendedthe honorof our academy!He looked around at his teammates. They were grinning widely at him, their eyes shining with excitement. Nobody cheered for them, but theycouldn’t care less.

Xie Xie rushed towards Yuanen Yehui as fast as his feet could carry him, a great wide smile on his face.

“We won!” Xie Xie shouted at her. And for once, Yuanen Yehui smiled back at him.

Laughing, Xie Xie threw his arms around her and hugged her fiercely. For an instant she tried to push him away in abashment, but then she stopped and allowed herself to stay in his arms.

“We did it, Zhengyu! We won!” Xu Xiaoyan said, and wrapped her arms around Yue Zhengyu, giving him a loud kiss on the cheek. “I could get used to this,” he said, grinning like a fool.

Ye Xinglan watched as a fat boy climbed onto the stage and rushed over to her. “We won,” she said, smiling, and took Xu Lizhi in her arms. “You guys are amazing, I’m so proud of you!” Xu Lizhi said, hugging her back.

Tang Wulin used his spear to push himself up to a standing position. Then he put his arm around Gu Yue’s shoulders, hooked his hand into her armpit, and helped her to her feet. Resting her head on his chest, she could plainly hear the thumping of his heart.

Long Yue struggled to his feet, grimacing in pain. His body had shrunk back to its original size. He looked at Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, his eyes incredulous and thoughtful.

Dai Yueyan and the other students of the Monster Academy sat in the waiting area in depressed silence, unwilling to believe that their captain, a six-ringed Soul Emperor and a two-word battle armor master, had lost to a bunch of kids.

The final score was eight to one. A crushing defeat for the Monster Academy. Although Long Yue had won the one-on-one and the two-on-two competitions, almost everyone felt Tang Wulin’s team was stronger. The name “Shrek” had been etched on everyone’s heart.

Frowning, En Ci rose to his feet and disappeared in a flash of light.

A smile showed on Wu Zhangkong’s grim face as he stood in the waiting area, waiting for his students. Mu Ye suddenly appeared beside him,stroking his chin, thoughtful. Their soul

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