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Dai Yun'er didn't dare to touch the skeleton as she could sense that the power emanating from it was rejecting her.

What a terrifying place this was! Dai Yun'er sidled up closer to Tang Wulin with a wary look on her face. Strangely enough, as soon as she came within three meters of Tang Wulin, the terrifying aura of the surrounding dragon skeletons no longer had any effect on her. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin appeared to have remained completely unaffected.

He continued to walk deeper into the valley, laying his hand on one skeleton after another, and the deeper they went, the more enormous the dragon skeletons around them became. The skeletons all resembled small mountains, and oppressive dragon roars rang out from all directions as if the sky were falling.

Tang Wulin felt as if he'd returned to an ancient battlefield on which one giant dragon was slain after another by the fearsome enemies they faced.

This was a powerful clan that had once ruled over the entire continent, but they'd gradually fallen into obscurity in the aftermath of this battle.

Just what had happened? What could have taken place to have reduced the almighty dragon clan to such a pitiful state?

At the very least, as far as Tang Wulin knew, true dragon soul beasts were exceedingly rare on the Douluo Continent, perhaps even downright non-existent. There was once a legendary beast that was referred to as the Beast God, and that was a Gold-eyed Black Dragon King.

If these skeletons had all belonged to giant dragons, then just how powerful was the dragon clan in the past? Even the weakest true dragons were most likely comparable in power to the Titled Douluos of the human race, so those true dragons with skeletons that were hundreds of meters tall would've been unimaginably powerful.

Was the dragon clan really bound to fall into complete obscurity?

Tang Wulin sighed as he continued onward while the bloodline in his body churned violently.

In the distance, the silver figure had also entered the valley.

Strangely enough, she was mirroring Tang Wulin's actions, slowly striding onward while stroking each of the dragon skeletons she'd passed with tears shimmering in her eyes.

Why were the heavens so unfair to the dragon clan?

Why did the Divine Realm banish the Dragon God, forcing the dragon clan to revolt?

The dragon clan had fallen entirely due to the jealousy of the heavens. It was all the fault of those accursed humans!

As she continued deeper into the valley, the grief emanating from the silver figure became more and more pronounced. A layer of silver light had appeared all over her entire body, and the auras emanating from the dragon skeletons eased slightly in her wake.

After walking for a long while, Tang Wulin suddenly stopped as he'd caught sight of a colossal skeleton up ahead.

The skeleton was over a kilometer tall, and it was entirely brown in color. In contrast with the other skeletons in the valley, the immens

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