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Chapter 691 - One to Zero

Su Mu’s attack would have been more effective if Ye Xinglan were wearing normal one-word battle armor. All the time and effort that had gone into making the spirit alloy battle armor had paid off. She was still hurt, though, but she didn’t show it

It’s a great idea to use spirit alloy to make one-word battle armor,Dai Yueyan thought to himself. It’s much stronger and can be upgraded.

Ye Xinglan stood there, motionless, holding her right arm at an angle below the horizontal, her Stargod Sword in line with that arm.

Su Mu was panting heavily. His battle armor hadn’t blocked that attack completely. Ye Xinglan’s sword intent had made it into his flesh through the deep gash in his armor, pricking and slicing. His body was not as strong as a strength-type soul master, so he had to use his soul power to fight it. Seeing that Ye Xinglan didn’t attack, he took advantage of the respite and gathered his soul power to his wound.

However, Ye Xinglan wasn’t just standing there doing nothing. She was channeling her sword intent and soul power into the Stargod Sword to prepare her next attack. The sword started shining a brilliant golden, and suddenly Su Mu realized what she was doing. But it was a little too late. The intense starlight around her sword was dancing a menacing dance. Her sword would bite into him through the gash she had left and destroy his battle armor and even his body, he knew. He could create another tornado to try to stop her, but like the first one, it wouldn’t work. He had never seen anyone’s sword intent so powerful. She is stronger than me.The realization chilled him.

“I yield!” the Fox King said unwillingly when Ye Xinglan brought her sword up in both hands.

She swung the sword down, sending out a bright beam of light, which shot inches past Su Mu’s arm and crashed into the barrier. Boom!

Then the sword intent in Su Mu’s wound exploded as well. He grunted and coughed up a mouthful of blood. “You…” He could have sworn that it had been her doing, but he had no proof and the four referees hadn’t seen her attack him after he yielded.

Paying him no mind, Ye Xinglan turned around and left.

“Ye Xinglan is victorious,” announced one of the referees, shocked by their power.

The audience was stunned by Ye Xinglan’s skills. They couldn’tbring themselves to believe thatthe Fox King had lost so quickly after donning his battle armor at the very beginning of the match. But still, they didn’t worry that the Monster Academy team would lose.

After seating herself in her couch, Ye Xinglan pulled out a handkerchief and coughed into it, flecks of blood seeping through the white cloth. The injury she had sustained was taking its toll now.

Xu Lizhi conjured up two Recovery Pork Buns right away and handed them to Ye Xinglan, who smiled at him, took the buns in her hands, and ate them gracefully. With two buns in her belly, she felt much better. That was one of the benefits of hav

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