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Chapter 693 - The Hell’s Gate

Having donned their battle armor, Dai Yueyan and Yuanen Yehui could move more than twice as quick as before. Immediately after he landed back on the stage, the fourth price rushed forward again.

Yuanen Yehui flung out her right fist to meet his tiger claw.


The force sent them both backwards. With his one-word battle armor, the price had closed the gap between their strength. Yuanen Yehui’s advantage in physical power was gone.

Dai Yueyan raised his claws and flew at her again, using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Yuanen Yehuijumped back, parrying, but he followed, pressing the attack.

High, low, left, right, he rained down claws upon her, swingingso hard that sparks flew when his talons kissed her armor, driving her back on her heels.Yuanen Yehui wasstruggling to keep claws from skin.

“The fourth prince is getting the better of Yuanen Yehui,” commented Fang’er. “They are equal in terms of physical power, but the fourth price’s sharp tiger claws are giving him an advantage. There are already many gashes in Yuanen Yehui’s armor, as you can see. She hasn’t used her second martial soul though.” Her commentary was quite impartial, considering she was a citizen of the Star Luo Empire.

The audience was relieved; their hearts had leapt up into their mouths when Yuanen Yehui slammed their prince onto the ground.

Dai Yueyan lunged, sending his right claw straight at Yuanen Yehui’s chest. The girl blocked with her arm, but he had used so much force in that thrust that her gauntlet came away dented. She leapt away, her body rapidly shrinking, her jet-black wings appearing.

Dai Yueyan snorted and used his fourth soul skill, White Tiger Devil Slash. He slashed at Yuanen Yehui extremely fast, sending so many beams of white light towards her that it was impossible to dodge them all at such close range, even though by then she had gotten into her Fallen Angel form and her speed had shot up.

The ferocious-looking beast had disappeared, and in its stead was a voluptuous woman. The fourth soul ring around the winged angel started shining, and a round portal appeared. It was so black and horrifying that it seemed certain to lead to some hell. Yuanen Yehui dodged behind it, and the light beams vanished without a trace the moment they reached the black portal.

Dai Yueyan jumped back 10 yards, startled. What the hell is that?The fear of the unknown made him extremely cautious.

Even Yuanen Yehui’s teammates had never seen such a soul skill, because she had never used it before.

Piercing shrieks and wails arose from the portal, and suddenly a woman stepped out, fair of skin, slender of leg, and long of hair, with sexy leather underwear covering her breasts and private parts. She looked just like Yuanen Yehui, only she had two bloodred horns on her head.

“The Hell’s Gate!” Yue Zhengyu blurted out, his eyes wide. “No wonder I’ve never seen her use her fourth soul skill befo

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