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"I, I didn't see it clearly," Tang Wulin said in a feeble voice.

Dai Yun'er gave him a vicious glare. "How clearly did you want to see it? Do you know that you've committed a crime punishable by death in the outside world? I'm only going to forgive you for now because you had good intentions and were looking out for my best interests."

She wrote down her name on the piece of paper in her hand as she spoke before handing it to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was rather taken aback to hear this. "So you do know when someone's being good to you!"

Dai Yun'er raised an eyebrow in exasperation. "Of course I do! I'm just a little wilful, but I do know the difference between good and bad people! I do know that you're a kind person at heart."

Tang Wulin stowed away the piece of paper, which was now a contract, and said, "Alright, you have yourself a deal. Do you know how long we've been in here?"

Dai Yun'er replied, "Two months."

Tang Wulin was quite startled to hear this. "It's already been two months?"

In his mind, he felt as if he'd only been in here for about half a month or so, but much to his surprise, two months had already passed.

Dai Yun'er pulled out a small round apparatus, and said, "I have a device that compares the time in this small world with the time in the outside world. I went through a lot of trouble to get this, and it shows me that we've been in here for two months and a day, so we'll have to last at least another month."

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. He didn't think that he'd been in here for so long already. It appeared that his meditation sessions were always remarkably long! It was no wonder that they enhanced his body so significantly.

Unfortunately, his soul power had been sealed, so it hadn't increased even in the slightest during the past two months of meditation. If he could also cultivate his soul power during deep meditation, he would've at least been able to advance one level in his cultivation.

"Hey, I still don't know your name, but you already know who I am; isn't it about time you take off your mask and let me see what you look like?" Dai Yun'er asked.

Tang Wulin shook his head, and replied, "I can't. You can just call me White Three."

"Do you have something to hide?" Dai Yun'er pursed her lips.

Tang Wulin remained silent, but all of a sudden, Dai Yun'er reared up and attempted to make a grab for his mask.

Tang Wulin immediately slid back and used a hand to block her hand with ease. Dai Yun'er's strength was obviously no match for his, so she was sent spinning on the spot like a top before sitting back down onto the ground again.

"Oi, do you have any chivalrous spirit at all?"

"I don't! I've already told you this," Tang Wulin replied as he also sat back down."Tell me what you know about the Dragon Valley; only with more information can I ensure your safety during the next month."

Dai Yun'er harrumphed, "What's the big deal?

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