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Chapter 703 - Gu Yue’s New Technique

A gigantic phantom golden dragon appeared above Tang Wulin’s head as he roared, its wingspan about 100 feet. The dragon would have blocked the sun if it hadn’t been translucent.

Everyone on the stage froze for an instant save for Gu Yue.

The river Long Yue had conjured up vanished, but he was still flying towards Tang Wulin. He felt his martial soul being further suppressed. His bloodred eyes had returned to their normal color, the murderous intent in them gone.

Tang Wulin brought Golden Dragon Spear down with both hands, catching Long Yue in the shoulder, sending him back onto the ground with a dull thud.

The phantom golden dragon disappeared. Tang Wulin’s face lost color, but only foran instant.

His third blood essence soul skill, Golden Dragon Roar, was more powerful than he had expected. It was the first time he had used this technique he had unlocked after breaking the sixth seal. It had been a desperate measure, but it had worked.

Hua Lantang the Wolf King, whose martial soul was the Dragon Wolf, lost his feet in fear and landed on his ass. Yue Zhengyu took this marvelous opportunity created by his captain and knocked him onto the soul barrier with his holy light. The Wolf King fell to the ground, his battle armorall dented and gashed.

Xie Xie was not faring any better than Hua Lantang. He crashed to the stage, unable to move, his clone obliterated by that roar.

Tang Wulin’s roar also suppressed Su Mu’s power when he was about to use a soul skill. As a result, his technique had almost zero effect on Ye Xinglan, who thrust her sword through his shoulder and eliminated him.

The referees had Hua Lantang, Xie Xie, and Su Mu carried out quickly.

That was when Gu Yue finally stopped chanting. Elemental Staff had grown very heavy from the way it was being lifted. The gem atop the staff was shining brown, and a ring of brown light exploded from it and spread across the whole stage in a heartbeat.

Suddenly all the mountains on the stage started to collapse and disintegrate into nothingness, and the bog that had been swallowing Xu Xiaoyan vanished without a trace.

What’s going on?Fang’er thought, puzzled. Did Long Yue just undo his soul skills?But when she looked to Long Yue, she saw that he looked as confused as her.

En Ci’s eyes widened in disbelief. “She sealed the earth element!” he blurted out.

“What do you mean?” Dai Tianling asked.

“No one in that brown ring can use any earth-type soul skills,” the old man explained. “Element-sealing soul skills are as powerful as they are unpopular among soul masters, because their usage is very limited. And to master this type of soul skill, normally one has to be a six-ringed Soul Emperor at least.”

“But she only has four soul rings.”

“Yes. So either she is using her life energy to feed that skill, or her spiritual power has reached the Spirit Abyss Realm.”

“She looks a little pale, but I don’t

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