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"If we encounter any danger, don't hesitate to use your dragon ball right away," Tang Wulin cautioned.

"Alright, same to you, Brother Three," Dai Yun'er said with a smile.

As she looked on at this White Three's profile from behind, a peculiar look appeared in her eyes.

During the few days they'd been together, she'd initially regarded him with fury and disdain, yet she was now feeling close enough with him to be referring to him as Brother Three, so her impression of him had been constantly changing.

Of course, part of this was due to the affection that she'd developed for him due to all of the dragon souls he'd helped her absorb, but after her disdain for him had worn away, she began to carefully appraise him.

As a result, she discovered that not only was this White Three a wealth of knowledge, he also possessed exceptional practical combat abilities, and he was far more adept in the Tang Sect techniques than she was. Furthermore, she had confirmed that White Three had at least mastered the Mysterious Heaven Method, Mysterious Jade Hands, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, and Purple Demon Eyes. Those would've required a vast number of contribution points to obtain! Furthermore, he had also mastered the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique, thereby allowing him to unleash immense power with his Heavy Silver hammers even without access to his martial soul.

Whenever they encountered any dragon souls, he would always position himself before her, and the sight of his reliable figure filled her with an immense sense of security.

He was an immovable mountain that would shield her from all peril. Long Yue also gave her the same feeling, but as opposed to a mountain, he was like a volatile volcano that could erupt at any moment.

Furthermore, not only was White Three extremely powerful, he was also constantly able to keep his cool even in the face of danger. He always made the right decision, and he possessed brilliant wilderness survival skills. On top of that, she had gradually come to realize that even if White Three was older than herself, there was no way that he'd be older by much. As such, it was even more extraordinary that he possessed such an incredible skill set at such a young age, and before she knew it, she had become quite fond of him.

For Dai Yun'er, this mission was more like a game that allowed her to escape her monotonous life. As such, even though she'd endured many hardships prior to encountering Tang Wulin, she displayed no intention to leave as everything was a brand new experience to her.

After meeting Tang Wulin, she'd been constantly fed with dragon souls, and she couldn't ascertain just how much more powerful she would become after combining her soul power with her body as she still didn't have access to the former, but she was sure that she would never have to worry about improving her physical constitution ever again. Even after leaving the Dragon V

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