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Tang Wulin also faltered slightly upon hearing this. Not only was Shen Xing not yelling or screaming, she was extending concern toward him instead! Was she playing some type of mind games?

Tang Wulin stuck his hands into his pockets with a faint smile. "How do you know I'm not an actual general?"

"How is that possible?" Shen Xing stomped her foot in frustration, and threatened, "Are you leaving or not? If not, then I'm going to scream!"

Tang Wulin shook his head in a resigned manner before taking a seat at the dining table, then withdrew his spiritual power before gently clapping his hands.

A waiter had been waiting outside the entire time, and he immediately made his way into the booth.

Shen Xing faltered slightly at the sight of the waiter, while Tang Wulin instructed, "Bring on the food."

"Yes, Major General," the waiter replied in a respectful manner, and only after taking an extra glance at Tang Wulin did he depart.

Shen Xing noticed that as the waiter made his way into the room, Tang Wulin's facial features had blurred and altered slightly, as had his aura, but everything returned to normal as soon as the waiter left.

Just how powerful was he now?

Shen Xing knew about all of his exploits from the news reports, but she was still rather curious now that she was seeing him in person.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down, then repeatedly reassured herself that there was nothing to be afraid of as this was the territory of the Central Legion.

Tang Wulin leaned forward slightly, and remarked, "You seem to be a little afraid of me."

"Who's afraid of you!" Shen Xing reflexively protested.

Tang Wulin smiled, and asked, "Then why is your mood swinging so drastically?"

"You..." Shen Xing wanted to issue a retort, but regardless of what she said, it would be quite unconvincing.

"Where's my blind date partner? What did you do to him? Also, how do you know about my schedule? Why are you here? Did you plan all of this? Posing as a general is a major crime; even people from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect aren't exempt from this law."

Tang Wulin chuckled, "That's a long list of questions. I didn't think you would be such a righteous character. Rest assured, I'm not posing as a general; take a look at this." He tossed a badge toward Shen Xing as he spoke, and Shen Xing reflexively caught the badge.

All military identification badges had chips that would release the corresponding information upon injection of soul power.

Shen Xing pressed the badge onto her military soul communicator in a befuddled manner, and a string of information immediately appeared.

"Tang Wulin, male, ninth Blood God of the Blood God Legion, major general rank..." The information about him was very detailed.

Tang Wulin took a sip of water, and his mind was also racing as an astonished look gradually appeared on Shen Xing's face.

Shen Xing's reaction was different from what he had anticipated, a

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