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It was very apparent to Tang Wulin that Shen Xing's feelings toward him went beyond just resentment.

He was no longer the naive and ignorant young boy he once was, so it wasn't difficult for him to read between the lines.

Ling Zichen was currently looking at him as if he were a massive pervert.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I never did anything! Everyone was present when we first met; ask them!" Tang Wulin said with a resigned expression.

Ling Zichen repeated, "You know what you did!"

Tang Wulin raised a hand to put an end to this topic. "Alright, setting that aside, did she say anything useful?"

"Not yet; she's currently driving back from the restaurant," Yue Zhengyu replied.

Tang Wulin replied, "Then keep listening in on her; I'm going back to my room."

He was also quite perplexed by Shen Xing's reaction. Could it be that the illusions created by the seven old demons had left some type of lasting trauma on her?

With that in mind, a hint of guilt welled up in Tang Wulin's heart. He didn't think that he had caused such a huge problem in Shen Xing's life.

That was never his intention, and it was not what he wanted to see.

To his surprise, just as he was about to go into meditation that night, he suddenly received a call from Shen Xing.

"There's an opportunity coming up in two days, where a group of personnel are returning from a mission. You guys are all adept in disguising yourselves, right? Stop them on their way back and knock them out, but don't hurt them. After that, you can impersonate that group, and I'll take care of the rest."

Shen Xing's voice was completely calm and devoid of the emotion she had vented in her car.

Tang Wulin replied, "Thank you. Will this cause any trouble for you?"

Shen Xing replied, "I'll make it seem like a system error, so no one will discover anything. Don't you know that I'm a soul computer expert?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Alright, I hope this won't cause any trouble for you in the future."

Shen Xing harrumphed coldly in response. "Why? So you can continue using me?"

Tang Wulin hurriedly replied, "Please don't misunderstand. If my past actions have affected you in any way, then I apologize again. After this, I won't disrupt you any further. Also, regarding the three favors, you can contact the Tang Sect at any time to redeem them."

Shen Xing didn't say anything further and merely ended the call.

At the Central Legion.

A military cargo vehicle slowly drove toward the foot of the mountain where the legion was situated.

After a series of thorough examinations, the soldiers responsible for conducting the examinations extended a military salute toward the driver, and the vehicle slowly traveled into the legion along its designated route.

The driver was Xie Xie, while Tang Wulin was in the passenger's seat. At this point, they had all disguised themselves into the soldiers originally in the vehicle.

There was no need f

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