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Chapter 662 - I Miss You

If not for his Purple Demon Eyes, Dai Yun’er’s Soul Disturbance might have knocked Tang Wulin out.

Spirit-type martial souls were extremely rare, and spirit attacks were quite effective and hard to dodge or overcome. If she had been more careful and had had better control of her emotions, she might have stood a chance of defeating Tang Wulin. Nonetheless, her fighting skills had impressed him.

When Tang Wulin walked off the stage, the audience booed him again; it had become a habit of theirs. He blocked his ears with soul power, thinking back on Dai Yun’er’s spiritual attack. How did she manage to deliver those powerful attacks? Her spiritual power must be immense.

This round was over when the sun started setting. Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, and Xie Xie had advanced to the top 16, and so had Long Yue, Dai Yueyan, and Lin San. Six of the top 16 spots were filled by the two academies.

The tournament was becoming fiercer by the day.

In the next round, Tang Wulin would have to fight Dai Yueyan, the Tiger King, who ranked second in the Monster Eight Kings, and Xie Xie would face Lin San, the Wind King, who ranked fourth. These twowere daunting opponents, especially for Xie Xie. If the Shrek Academymanaged to prevail over them, the respect the Monster Academy commanded would hit rock bottom.

“I didn’t lose!” Dai Yun’er yelled, smashing a vase to pieces. This one made six. Her face was tight with anger. She wanted nothing more than to fight Tang Wulin again, but two old soul masters were standing at her door to make sure she couldn’t.

“Tang Wulin! I will get back at you, you cunning bastard! Just you wait!” Anger filled her whenever his evillittle grincame to mind. I was getting the better of him! I was kicking his ass! If not for his dirty trick, I would have won!

She had planned to garner a lot of attention and admiration in this tournament with her soul skills, but Tang Wulin had made a fool of her; how could she not beso furious?

“Don’t worry, Yun’er. We’ll be sure to avenge you,” said Long Yue, who walked in with Dai Yueyan.

The princess ran to them and looked up at Long Yue with eyes red-rimmed and puffy, tugging at his sleeve. “I was winning, then he provoked me to anger, and I fell for his trick. I have twin martial souls! I could have easily defeated him with my Spirit Eyes!”

Dai Yueyan frowned. “Stop whining, little sister. You’re easily provoked; that’s your weakness. You can’t blame your opponent for taking advantage of that. You should think about how tostop that from ever happening again instead of blowing off steam by going on the rampage here. Besides, Tang Wulin is not as weak as you think.”

Dai Yun’er’s mouth curled downwards. “Whose side are you on, Fourth Brother? Are you my brother or Tang Wulin’s?”

Long Yue laughed and touched her head. “You fought well today; you put him through the wringer if nothing else.”

Dai Yun’er was still displeased. “Hold

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