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Chapter 679 - The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique

Metal met metal with an ear-splitting clang, sending Tang Wulin reeling. Sparks flew when the spear struck the hammerheads.Long Yue swung his spear sideways again, and this time Tang Wulin dropped down instead of blocking it with his hammers. The spear passed harmlessly over his head. Tang Wulin circled to his left, Long Yue turned to follow. The Dragon King made for a big target. Tang Wulin could scarcely miss, though none of his strikes was doing much damage to Long Yue’s strong body. Tang Wulin kept circling, striking, forcing the bigger man to turn and turn again. Long Yue was losing sight of him; he was too big and too heavy to move nimbly. Tang Wulin was making good use of that and his quickness; Long Yue’s spear never came near to touching him.

With the help of his Golden Dragon Body and the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique, Tang Wulin was swinging his hammers faster and harder.

It went on that way for what seemed a long time. Back and forth they moved across the stage, rocks flew out of Long Yue’s body where it was hit by the hammers, and then they disappeared in a flash of light.

En Ci had never thought such a young, low-ranked soul master would be equal to Long Yue in terms of physical power. Even some eight-ringed soul masters can’t rival the strength of Long Yue. The Shrek Academy is not called the “Monster Academy” for nothing.

“Not half bad!” Long Yue laughed. His blood was singing; he had never felt so alive in a long time. A worthy opponent was hard to come by for someone as strong as him.

Tang Wulin was excited as well. Long Yue was a perfect target for him to test his full power. Training with Mu Ye had unlocked the hidden power in his body, and due to that and the energy of the Golden Dragon King in his blood, he felt his punch could deliver at least 10,000 pounds of force.

Dai Yueyan was depressed and absent-minded these days. He felt he had failed the people of the Star Luo Empire as well as his father. He had been regretting not having put on his battle armor earlier when fighting Tang Wulin, but when he saw the Dragon King using the spear, he suddenly felt much better. He had never once forced Long Yue to use a weapon in the many times he had sparred with him. Tang Wulin had done something he couldn’t do, which meant he couldn’t have defeated Tang Wulin, even if he had used his battle armor from the very beginning. Long Yue’s incredibly strong, the prince thought,but Tang Wulin is able to block his forceful blows with his hammers. He must be using the Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique, judging from the way he swings those hammers. It’s a forging technique, but not many blacksmiths use it; it’s difficult to master and extremely strength-consuming to use.Dai Yueyan stared at Tang Wulin, thoughtful. It seems the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique can make hammer-type weapons even deadlier. It’s impossible f

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