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Chapter 683 - The Honor of the Shrek Academy

Mu Ye was tending to Tang Wulin’s wounds in his hotel room, his face dark with anger.

Many broken bones had seriously damaged the boy’s internal organs, and his life-energy was flowing in a completely chaotic manner in his meridians. It was a miracle that he was still alive, albeit barely. If his hard-won disciple failed to survive the wounds, he would avenge him on the Monster Academy and the Star Luo Empire at all costs.

Although his healing skills couldn’t hold a candle to those of the Holy Spirit Douluo, Yali, who was unfortunately too far away to come to their aid, the leader of the Body Sect understood human body better than anyone.

Mu Ye put his hands on Tang Wulin’s body, using his soul power to reconnect the broken bones with extreme caution.

While he was deciding whether he should pull out the broken bones which had skewered his internal organs or leave them to heal by themselves, suddenly something strange caught his eyes. The bones were moving out, slowly but surely. Then he realized to his amazement that the bones were not moving by themselves; they were being pushed out by a force generated by the broken organs!

That’s unbelievable!Mu Ye thought to himself, his eyes shining with excitement. Such strong self-healing abilities are not common even for a high-ranked soul master. He had managed to exercise his internal organs to the point where they were as strong as his body, but not before his soul power reached rank 70.

Nothing intrigued him more than the secrets of the human body. Mu Ye was now using his soul power to try to feel even the slightest change in his disciple’s body, and at the same time, continued reconnecting his broken bones. It was a long and energy-consuming process, but he never showed even a hint of impatience.

After what felt like hours, Mu Ye breathed a sigh of relief. All the bones and internal organs had successfully returned to their original positions. Tang Wulin was still in a coma and breathing faintly, but he was now out of danger.

Mu Ye thought a moment, went to the bathroom, and filled the bathtub with hot water. Then he took out a few bottles and jars from his storage ring and added their contents in the water in a certain proportion after short hesitation. The clear water slowly turned a dark blue. He lifted Tang Wulin up carefully with his soul power and lowered him gently into the bathtub.

“You’ll recover in no time, Wulin,” Mu Ye whispered, smiling. “Your body never ceases to amaze me.” He pulled up a chair beside his disciple, feeling thechanges inside his body with his soul power.

“You didn’t find them?!” Gu Yue said. She had done her best to remain calm, but there was a distinct edge of anger to her voice.

“I’m sorry, Your Grace. We were not in the vicinity of the stadium when it happened, and they didn’t leave any trace behind.”

“I don’t want to listen to your excuses!” she snapped. “Don’t co

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