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Chapter 681 - A Hard-Fought Battle

“Unshakable Mountain!” Long Yue shouted as the thick blue vines grew tighter around him.

When Tang Wulin’s golden claws reached Long Yue, it was not human flesh they sank in, but rock! Long Yue had turned into a small mountain! The shock of impact numbed Tang Wulin’s arms.

The small mountain grew bigger, breaking the vines binding it with ease. A huge fist of rock appeared from the mountain. Tang Wulin quickly raised his arms, bracing himself for what was going to come next. The fist slammed right into him, knocking him into the air. If not for the gauntlets and his quick decision to gather the soul power to his arms, that blow might have snapped them.

Tang Wulin coughed up a mouthful of blood. He felt his internal organs were about to burst. He took a deep breath to try to steady the circulation of his soul power, but Long Yue gave him no respite.

Several torrents of mud shot up towards him. The boy hit them hard with his golden fists, and his blue vines were helping as well. Suddenly, a mountain grew fast out of the ground. Tang Wulin was too preoccupied with fighting off the mud to notice it. Even if he had noticed it, there was no way he could dodge it, not when he was in mid-air.

The summit smashed into Tang Wulin, sending him flying into the air.

His Golden Dragon King bloodline may have suppressed the Dragon King’s power, but Long Yue’s high cultivation level and powerful martial soul were more than enough to enable him to dominate the match; his power was indeed second to none among his peers.

Tang Wulin reached as high as 200 yards before starting to fall out of the sky. He had intended to use his vines to buffer the impact when landing, but it seemed Long Yue didn’t want to give him the chance to dothat. He sprinted, leapt up, and lashed out with his tail at Tang Wulin. The blow was so powerful that Tang Wulin slammed into the soul barrier with a sickening thud.

This flurry of attacks had happened in a matter of seconds.

Long Yue’s power had left everybody flabbergasted; they realized Tang Wulin had never had even the slightest chance to win.

But his power came at a price. Everything comes at a price. Some things just cost more than others.

The Dragon King was giving off a menacing aura, his eyes radiating intense killing intent.

He seldom used his full power, because when he went all out, he would lose control of himself, go on a rampage, and unleash his wrath on anyone standing in his way. His nickname, Crazy Long, was well deserved.

Right now, Tang Wulin was the one standing in his way.

Although his bones were broken and he was hurt all over, Tang Wulin was still conscious. He struggled to his feet, pushing himself up with the strength of his arms. His willpower was the only thing that kept him standing.

He raised his head and saw a huge figure walking towards him. The ground shook with every step it took. He stared at it, eyes burnin

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