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Chapter 685 - The Team Competition

Wu Zhangkong walked over to their dining table. “This tournament is too dangerous for you. You are to go on a cultural seeing tour with me around the Star Luo Continent, and then we’ll go back home.”

Gu Yue raised her eyes to look at Wu Zhangkong, her face expressionless. “You were not there with us when Wulin fought Long Yue, Teacher Wu, so why show up now? We’re in no mood to go on a cultural seeing tour.”

Wu Zhangkong frowned. “You have to. That’s an order from the academy.”

“No, I don’t. I’m going to fight for Wulin,” she said stubbornly.

Before Wu Zhangkong could reply, Gu Yue rose to her feet abruptly and made for the gate of the hotel.

Wu Zhangkong felt powerful spiritual energy radiating from Gu Yue as she walked past him. His eyes widened in surprise. When did her spiritual power get so strong?

“We’re going to compete in the team competition, Teacher Wu,” Yuanen Yehui said, standing, her voice calm and firm. They all left with Gu Yue. They meant to let off the steam building up inside them by fighting.

News of them taking part in the team competition caused a sensation immediately. The two-on-two competition had been too bland without the Shrek Academy to spice things up, so the audience would love nothing more than to see them come back. With Long Yue in the Monster Academy team, they didn’t have the least doubt that the championship would be theirs.

Each team match was made up of three singles matches, a doubles match, and a seven-on-seven match. One contestant could compete in all the three different matches, but one could only take part in one singles match during each team match. Winning a singles match would earn the team one point; two points for the doubles match; four points for the seven-on-seven match. A team match would endwhen one side won five points.

In total, 16 teams had made it into the final knockout stage, so the champion team would have to win four team matches in a row.

As far as the people of the Star Luo Empire were concerned, Long Yue would win a singles match, the doubles match, and the seven-on-seven match in each team match, so there was absolutely no way the Monster Academy would lose, not with the invincible Dragon King in the team. They almost felt sorry for the Shrek Academyteam, who had incurred the dislike of everyone and would lose so badly. They admired their courage though.

The tournament organizers had made sure that the Monster Academy team and the Shrek Academy team would meet in the final, if ever.

“Welcome, everyone, to the team competition of the Continental Young Elites Tournament,” said Fang’er. “My name is Fang’er, and I’m very honored to be the commentator for this momentous event. I’m sure you all know that the Shrek Academy team has decided to participate in the team competition. Personally, I’m happy to see them. I’m sure they will bring us exciting matches, and I hope Tang Wulin will get better soon.

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