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Chapter 674 - The Final of the One-on-One Competition

By the time Tang Wulin got back to the waiting area, Dai Yueyan had already left; losing the match had left him in a state of shame, if nothing else.

“You’re pretty impressive,” Long Yue said to Tang Wulin, smiling. “But I hope that’s not your full power, for both our sakes.”

“It’s a shame I didn’t get to fight you in the one-on-ones,” Lin San said, looking at Tang Wulin. “Can’t wait to meet you in the team battle. By the way, you friend is strong.” He meant Xie Xie, of course.

It was a wonder Xie Xie was still sound asleep, considering the loud shouting outside.

Tang Wulin bent over to pick him up, but Yuanen caught him by the arm. “Let me carry him,” she whispered.

For an instant Tang Wulin froze. Then Yuanen Yehui picked him up gently without waking him and carried him bridal style in her arms. “Let’s go,” she said.

Tang Wulin felt happy for Xie Xie and a little envious.

The competition between the top 16 was over. Eight contestants had advanced, but one was badly injured, so he had no choice but to back out of the next round. He wouldn’t have any chance of winning his quarter-final even if he were in good shape, not when his opponent was Long Yue.

Both the Monster Academy and the Shrek Academy had two students in the top eight. The final of the one-on-ones would most likely be between the two schools.

Some newspapers were saying that making it into the top eight was a brilliant feat for the Shrek Academy, but a lot more were demanding that the Shrek Academy team get back to the Douluo Continent where they belonged. Although many people here were unwilling to admit it,they knew in their heart thatthe Shrek Academy was strong.

Tang Bingyao offered his congratulations to Elder Cai and promised rewards for the kids.

Only when they had arrived at their hotel did Tang Wulin take out the cotton balls he had stuffed into his ears to reduce the overwhelming noise.

“I knew you would win,” a tired voice said.

When Tang Wulin turned, Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi were standing at his door.

“You look awful, Xinglan. Are you all right?” Tang Wulin asked, his face filled with concern. He invited them in quickly.

“She hasn’t slept in days,” Xu Lizhi said, worried and angry. “She kept making battle armor and meditating day and night.”

“You’re making me feel bad, Xinglan,” said Tang Wulin.

“Don’t be silly. I’m not doing this for you,” Ye Xinglan said with a smile. “Besides, I have nothing else to do. I think I’m getting better at making battle armor. Come to my room later. I’ve made several more pieces for you.”

“Thank you, Xinglan.” Tang Wulin knew her well enough to know he couldn’t talk her out of working so hard. He just hoped Xu Lizhi’s Boodthirst Bean Buns wouldn’t affect her health.

“I watched your match,” Ye Xinglan said. “To be frank with you, I don’t know how to deal with those hammers of yours. How did you manage to wield

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