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Chapter 661 - Tang Wulin’s Trick

In this brief confrontation, both Tang Wulin and Dai Yun’er had used three techniques, but Golden Dragon Body, Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth had consumed much more power than Hell Rush, Hundred Hell Claws, and Hell Slash had.

Dai Yun’er landed gracefully on the ground. “You’re not half as strong as you look.”

Tang Wulin frowned. She’s one of the Monster Eight Kings all right. Although she’s the youngest and has the lowest cultivation level among them, she seems to possess more battle experience than the ones I have fought; she knows exactly when to attack and when to defend, and her eyes are troublesome.

Then Tang Wulin’s frown gave way to a smile. He waggled his right index finger in a bring-it-on gesture.

Dai Yun’er felt anger rise inside her. Her face darkened and she pounced on Tang Wulin again.

That was when Dai Yueyan stopped smiling and started looking worried. That’s not good; she is angry. She is spoiled and proud, and no one ever dares to defyher, so she gets provoked easily. Talented as she is, she’ll leave herself open to attack if she loses her cool, and to make matters worse, Tang Wulin might be up to something; I don’t like that smile of his.

Dai Yun’er charged, her eyes shining a blue that burned like ice. Tang Wulin found even his Purple Demon Eyes couldn’t withstand her spiritual attack; it was all he could do not to let it harm his soul. Pain lanced through his head, and he fell back two steps, but he managed to fling both arms up before his face, yet she smoothly slid behind him andslashed her claws athis back.

Tang Wulin’s body was still rigid from her spiritual attack, his head was not clear enough to activate Golden Dragon Tyrant Body, and even his Golden Dragon Body had been weakened a little.

The audience was excited, because they believed Tang Wulin’s defeat was inevitable. However, before the princess’s claws could hit him, a swarm of bluesilver grass shot out from his back and started to twine around her.

Tang Wulin was not in control of his movements, but he had ordered the Goldsong to use his first soul skill for him when Dai Yun’er came at him.

Goldsong was his first soul spirit, and it had grown stronger and become his most trustworthy of friends after years of fighting alongside him.

It all happened so fast. Dai Yun’er never thought he was still able to use his soul skills. She thrashed and slashed in shock, and when she finally fought her way out, she jumped up, her claws enlarging and descending in a savage arc towards Tang Wulin’s head.

By then the effect of her spiritual attack had worn off, and Tang Wulin had regained control of his body. The two golden soul rings around him were gone, and in their place were three purple and one black soul rings, the second one shining brightly. Numerous vines shot up, grabbed Dai Yun’er, and tied her up. The Bluesilver Impaling Array hadn’t caused much dama

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