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Chapter 682 - I Will Kill Long Yue

Blood flew everywhere. The force in the stomp that Long Yue had just delivered could even have bent a thick plate of steel.

Shouts of horror broke out from the audience.

Dai Yun’er’s eyes widened in shock. She covered her mouth as she sucked in her breath.

Long Yue didn’t seem to be satisfied. He jerked his right foot up again. But before he could land it on Tang Wulin, the soul barrier got broken by a red beam of light, and a figure flew over in a split second and slammed into the Dragon King.

To everyone’s amazement, heavy as Long Yue was, he got knocked flying as if he were weightless.

An instant later, En Ci was on the stage, standing in front of Mu Ye.

“Who are you?” En Ci demanded, giving off an aura so powerful that the soul barrier shattered into pieces.

Mu Ye was hovering in mid-air, looking coldly down at the old man, holding in his right hand a bloodred sword about 10 feet long, his body shining a dark golden.

En Ci was startled by the frightening aura emanating from the man. As a rank 98 Titled Doulou, he had never been impressed by anyone’s power, until now.

When Long Yue had lifted his foot the second time, Elder Cai had shot out from the audience at the same time as Mu Ye, but the latterbeat her in arriving.

By then Tang Wulin’s seven teammates had arrived at the stage as well, but the two men’s auras kept them from getting closer. When Gu Yue saw his horribly dented chest, she felt her heart caught in her throat, shaking uncontrollably.

Long Yue picked himself up, his eyes still red with fury, and charged savagely at Mu Ye.

“Enough!” En Ci boomed as he waved his hand. Suddenly a golden shaft of light descended from the sky and landed on Long Yue, instantlyrendering him unable to move.

“This is a competition?!” Elder Cai’s anger flared.

“I’m sorry. Long Yue lost control of himself,” En Ci said apologetically. “But Tang Wulin has signed a death waiver, hasn’t he? Anyway, there is no point in arguing who is right or wrong right now.” He turned to look at Tang Wulin, who waslying unconscious on the ground.

Mu Ye snorted. The red sword flew into the air and disappeared. He landed beside his disciple, putting his right hand on him.

Tang Wulin’s battle armor had fused back into his body, his chest caved in, the golden scales shining faintly.

Mu Ye picked up the blood-covered boy gently, dartedan angry glance atEn Ci, and turned into a beam of light that shot off into the distance.

“I’m afraid I need an explanation, Your Grace,” said Tang Bingyao, leader of the delegation. “Why didn’t the referee stop Long Yue when it wasobvious the match was over?”

Dai Tianling’s face was dark with anger; he had never thought the fight would end this way. “I apologize. We’ll look into it and make things right for you. I’ll make sure Tang Wulin gets the best medical treatment possible.”

The audience suddenly seemed to have lost all inte

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