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Chapter 680 - Long Yue Becomes Serious

As strong as Tang Wulin was, he could only use the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique to deliver 38 strikes. His arms were shaking slightly with fatigue. He retrieved the hammers from the ground and put them in his storage ring. If he kept on wielding them, he wouldn’t be able to raise his arms. Not for the rest of the day, at least.

Long Yue inhaled deeply, his dented chest swelling up again. Smiling, he lifted his right hand and gave his opponent a thumbs-up. Tang Wulin gazed at him in awe. What is his body made of?! He looks totally unscathed!But the Dragon King lost the strength battle, whether he cared to admit it or not.

Long Yue’s eyes were burning with fighting spirit. He had never considered any contestant in this tournament worth his attention, until now. “I will fight you seriously now!” he said in his deep voice.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. Five pieces of golden armor appeared from his body with a flash of golden light, enveloping his arms, shoulders, and chest. The breastplate had just been finished by Ye Xinglan the other day. He was getting closer to having a full set of one-word battle armor.

“Why did he put his hammers away?” Dai Tianling asked En Ci, confused. “He landed several pretty effective blows on Long Yue with those hammers.”

“He did,” En Ci replied. “But the heavy hammers and the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique were placing enormous strain on his arms. He didn’t have enough strength to swing it anymore. He bettered Long Yue in strength though, which was a feat that only a handful of people had achieved.”

Elder Cai sat there, her face expressionless, as if she had nothing to do with this match.

The atmosphere in the waiting area was getting more and more tense. Dai Yun’er’s heart had leapt up into her mouth in fear when Tang Wulin’s hammer sent Long Yue flying. She was as worried about Long Yue as she was impressed by Tang Wulin’s extraordinary power.

“Mountains!” Long Yue shouted, and then, “Rivers!”

Mountain ranges rose up, and rivers appeared. Together they formed a magnificent view. Although they were not real, their destructive power humbled Tang Wulin, and he could feel pressure coming from every direction. Is this a domain ability?Tang Wulin thought, aghast, as the mighty rivers rushed towards where he was standing, carrying rocks from the mountains. No, it can’t be. He is only a six-ringed Soul Emperor. No way is he able touse a domain ability.

Tang Wulin’s eyes started shining a bright golden, and then a phantom dragon appeared. The tyrant dragon, as tall as 200 feet, exuding a tyrannical aura. Its long tail came lashing savagely down on the phantom river, smashing it into a thousand pieces. Then it opened its cavernous mouth and let out a thunderous roar so loud that it blasted all the mountains and rivers into oblivion. With a flash of light, it vanished, as suddenly as it had appeared.

“Bog!” Long Yue bo

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