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Chapter 667 - A Good Fight

Dai Yueyan inclined his head slightly as he looked at Xie Xie. Such courage. He is holding his nerve even in the face of such a daunting technique. He is from the Shrek Academy all right. If he were four or five years older, he would have been on the same level as Lin San.The thought made him sigh silently with shame. I’d rather fight someone older than me. There is no honor in taking down kids.

The golden mist around Xie Xie thickened as his fourth soul ring began to shine. A dragon head formed in the mist, and then its torso and limbs, shining bright. He was using his fourth soul skill: Light Dragon. His right eye had turned golden, while his left was transparent like crystal.

By then Lin San’s Wind Blade Tornado had been ready to attack, but he didn’t attack. His pride wouldn’t allow him to do such a thing. He was waiting; he intended to beat Xie Xie when his soul skill was at its strongest,because only that would give himsome fulfillment. He was not only the most diligent student among the Monster Eight Kings, but also the proudest one. He never planned to use his battle armor; he’d sooner lose than resort to that.

Finally the Light Dragon was whole. It spread its wings and let out a roar so deafening that everyone in the stands was startled. It was giving off dazzling light, so like that of the sun.

Lin San’s wait came to an end. The Wind Blade Tornado descended, lashing and cracking the ground even before it reached Xie Xie.

The Light Dragon flew up to meet it.

“I told you, you can’t beat me!” Lin San shouted as the tornado pressed the dragon down. But before it could engulf Xie Xie, he said, “What?!” His voice was thick with shock.

The Wind King couldn’t see it, but he could sense a similar kind of energy to that of the Light Dragon bearing down on him. The two phantom dragons were working together, tearing his tornado apart bit by bit.

“Impressive!” Lin San exclaimed.

Xie Xie had been planning this from the moment he realized his opponent’s power was in a different league from his. He had used his third soul skill to create a clone, which had been biding its time, patiently waiting for a perfect window of opportunity.

He had kept this clone hidden even when he could barely withstand Lin San’s slashes, because his only chance was his other martial soul, which his adversary knew nothing about.

His endurance had paid off. Lin San couldn’t possibly block such aforceful attack, not without his battle armor.

The blade tornado broke apart gradually, revealing Lin San inside, but before the Light Dragon and the Shadow Dragon could reach him, his fifth soul ring lit up, and he turned into a puff of wind and disappeared.

Xie Xie lost sight of his opponent, but he didn’t panic. He summoned his battle armor immediately. Black and white beams of light spiralled up his right arm as white armor with black veins came out of his body and covered his right forearm and shou

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