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Chapter 669 - The Essence of Agility

Xie Xie didn’t seem to have felt the hostile glare on him and kept on laughing noisily.

“What are you babbling about?” Tang Wulin asked, confused.

“I figured out how to become an agility-type soul master!” Xie Xie exclaimed, stoked.

What? Aren’t you already one?Tang Wulin thought, but what he said was, “Good for you.” And then he made for the stage amid loud cheering and shouting. Dai Yueyan calmed himself down and followed after.

“What’s gotten into you?” Yuanen Yehui demanded, standing up from her couch. Xie Xie threw his arms around her shoulders and hugged her tightly.

“I finally figured it out!” Xie Xie answered. It seemed his excitement wasn’t feigned.

Yuanen Yehui was embarrassed and angry and was about to push him off her, but then she smelled blood. Xie Xie’s blood. She remembered the cuts over his body and didn’t touch him. “Get off me,” she snarled in a hushed voice.

Xie Xie seemed not to hear her. “Before I met you, I was slack and not putting enough energy into training. Then you came into my life, and I was given a reason to get stronger and catch up to you. Because of you, I has become more powerful and confident. But then I hit a bottleneck. An agility bottleneck. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my agility to another level. I never figured out why.

“Until just now. Lin San’s fighting style inspired me. I realized that the essence of agility lies in freedom. Freedom from the control of mind. My moves were too predictable, but they won’t be once I let my instinct take control. I’ll become strong and good enough for you. I promise…”

Yuanen Yehui could hear his voice fading, and suddenly she felt his whole weight on her. He had fainted.

She stood there uncertain for a moment. Is he doing all this just for me?A gentle look flashed across her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him and laid him down gently in his couch. She watched as he breathed evenly.

By then both Tang Wulin and Dai Yueyan were on the stage. The shouting was kept out as the soul barrier rose.

Tang Wulin picked his ear. “Whoo! That’s much better. I think I’ve fallen in love with this barrier.”

Dai Yueyan fixed his eyes on his opponent and said nothing. He understood the importance of this match. He couldn’t afford to lose to someone who was younger than him and who was from the Douluo Continent. When the fourth prince looked at Tang Wulin, he didn’t see a boy. No. He saw an adversary he must defeat.

Compared to the prince, Tang Wulin was much more relaxed. He stretched his arms and legscasually, but he radiated combat skills just by standing there.

Dai Yueyan thought he felt the power in Tang Wulin’s blood, even though they were standing hundreds of feet apart. But he stared at the boy, his eyes unflinching.

“Let the fight begin!” the referee announced.

Tang Wulin grew a little taller as his spine made popping sounds, his golden dragon claws appear

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