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Chapter 671 - Tyrant Dragon Bloodline

Dai Yueyan’s razor-sharp tiger claws came crashing down, hard and fast, but still, they failed to sever the vines; in fact, they only glanced off them, leaving behind nothing more than a few scratches. The other contestants sitting in the waiting area were thunderstruck; they couldn’t believe those vines had such a high level of hardness.

Tang Wulin stepped back to keep his distance while controlling the vines to surround and attack Dai Yueyan.

The Bluesilver Grass martial soul wasn’t weak, but it was not nearly in the same league as the Bluesilver Emperor. Each and every vine was both quick and strong, and Tang Wulin was able to sharpen the ends of some and use them to attack from the most unexpected angles.

Even with White Tiger Diamond Transformation, it was all Dai Yueyan could do not to let the vines touch him, but he looked calm. The vines were much easier to deal with than the golden dragon claws. High, low, left, right, the vines shot at him, but they couldn’t reach him. It was as if he had a soul barrier around him that stopped every thrust. With the Mysterious Heaven Method, he had enough soul power to do this all day.

Several minutes had passed without Tang Wulin finding even one opening. Suddenly, a large golden circle of light shone beneath him and his opponent as his third soul ring lit up.

Dai Yueyan frowned. He didn’t know what this light circle could do, but it wouldn’t do anything good to him, he had no doubt. He had to get out of whatever this was. He slashed faster, driving back the vines that kept coming at him and at the same time moving as fast towards the edge of the ring as he could.

Tang Wulin smiled and let out a draconic roar, shaking the arena.

A chill went through Dai Yueyan. For an instant he lost control of his soul power, and he found that even his heart thumped with fear. Now he understood how Su Mu had felt when he faced Tang Wulin. He regained his composure right away and resorted to his fifth soul skill without hesitation. Two beams of light–one black and one white – shot up from beneath the prince and circled around him. His body began to grow, and in a split second, he had become as tall as ten feet, his talons two feet long, his hair white with black stripes and translucent. The vibes emanating from him had become a bit terrifying.

White Tiger Devil God Transformation!

He had used White Tiger Diamond Transformation and White Tiger Devil God Transformation to fight Long Yue. Although he had been defeated, he had lasted longer than any other challenger.

“Dai Yueyan is now using his most powerful technique,” Fang’er commented, her lips moving fast. “I can’t get into the details of his soul skills since he is a prince, but as you can see, his speed and power has increased a great deal. He is cutting through Tang Wulin’s vines like they were nothing!”

Tang Wulin stood his ground as his vines were being destroyed. Light gather

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