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Chapter 501 - The Might of Golden Dragon Tyrant Body

Tang Wulin’s second golden ring lit up. His body shone, a dazzling mirror of gold.

Then his opponents were upon him.

He put up no defense or attempt to break free of Spatial Lock. Instead he stood there, still, a smile on his face as he looked the beast in the eyes.

Hand partly raised, Wu Zhangkong paused once he caught sight of Tang Wulin’s expression.

In the audience, Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu dropped their jaws.A second golden ring? What does this one do?

Without the empowerment of Golden Dragon Body, Tang Wulin never would have stood a match against Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger. Or Yuanen Yehui’s Titan Giant Ape. Additionally, a second golden ring meant he had another powerful soul skill. They now knew the root of his confidence. But what the skill did was anyone’s guess.

Wu Siduo slashed Tang Wulin’s chest with Hell Rush, and a clang reverberated through the air. She felt as if she were striking a steel wall. An odd one at that. It sucked on her soul power and blood essence, her body going rigid for an instant.

Meanwhile, Xu Yucheng’s scythe tore down on Tang Wulin’s shoulder. He restrained himself at the last moment, afraid he would fatally harm Tang Wulin. But his scythe stopped the second it touched the mirror-like scales. Unable to move any further.

The last to reach Tang Wulin, Yang Nianxia struck with his bear paw. A boom resounded upon impact. But Tang Wulin did not so much as budge, and he felt a portion of his strength stripped away.

Tang Wulin’s scales flashed iridescent, blinding.

The three gaped, dumbstruck.How can this be? He took on our combined attack like it was nothing! Is he even human? Even Teacher Wu would be affected by our attack without his battle armor!

A draconic roar rumbled from Tang Wulin’s body, waking the rankers from their stupor. Tang Wulin stomped on the ground, a golden aura flaring around him. He was divinity incarnate. A split-second after his stomp, the stage tremored. With a boom, eight small phantom dragons burst out of the ground.

Once again, the rankers were stunned. Never before had Tang Wulin used an attack like this. Because of this, they were unable to dodge.

The phantom dragons struck the three rankers like bolts of lightning. Their entire bodies spasmed.

Xu Yucheng fared the worst of the three with his frail body. Blood sprayed from his mouth as he faltered backward. Before the phantom dragon could finish him off, a beam of white light descended on him. And he disappeared. Wu Zhangkong had pulled him out of battle.

Although Yang Nianxia was built the toughest of the three, he was still caught off guard. Unable to strengthen himself in time with soul power, he sustained heavy damage.

Tang Wulin’s skill forced Wu Siduo to use Hell White Tiger. But under the bombardment of phantom dragons, her tiger form rapidly lost solidity. A mere flickering illusion by the end.


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