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Chapter 518 - A Date With Gu Yue

In the evening, Tang Wulin rented out a specialized cultivation space as usual. He sat down cross-legged in the room meditating, attuning himself to nature. A soft blue glow enveloped him as bluesilver grass crept from the ground, rising to gently sway in the air.

Goldsong slithered out along with the grass, boasting a blue aura as well. It was much larger than before, nearly reaching 1.5 meters. Although its body was still slender, it clearly hid a wealth of power. It was Tang Wulin’s only soul skill, the one that had accompanied him until now. As he grew, so did it. It shared in the benefits of the Golden Dragon King’s essence, otherwise it would not have been able to evolve to such an extent. In a sense, it had also inherited some of the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline.

In the end, soul power and soul rings were secondary to Tang Wulin’s growth. What truly mattered was unlocking the full potential of his bloodline. Every seal broken allowed him to harness more of the Golden Dragon King’s power, and some of that power leaked into Goldsong. Tang Wulin understood the importance of it all too well, especially after breaking the fourth seal. Apart from Goldsong’s physical growth, his bond with it had grown deeper. They could communicate on a more fundamental level now.

In addition to empowering a soul master’s martial soul, spirit souls could also physically manifest by borrowing their master’s soul power to fight alongside them.

Goldsong’s transformation after the fourth seal was shocking. Not only did the effects of the soul skills it granted increase by half, it also gained a bloodline skill. The effects were exactly the same as Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Body, capable of instantly boosting Goldsong’s physical abilities. Moreover, its version of the skill drew upon its own blood essence, and once depleted, it would need to absorb Tang Wulin’s energies to recover. His appetite had grown once again after the fourth seal, and part of that was due to Goldsong’s increased demand for his blood essence.

So it was only natural that Goldsong wrapped its slender length around Tang Wulin, soaking up his soul power and blood essence. It was completely at ease, its head gently leaning against Tang Wulin’s thighs. There was no hint of cold-bloodedness from this snake. Goldsong’s eyes emenanted a gentle warmth as it snuggled up to its parent.

Tang Wulin took in a deep breath, his chest rising high. The swaying grass froze. In an instant, they glowed gold like Goldsong. His bluesilver grass was evolving under the Golden Dragon King’s influence! With each seal broken, they grew thicker, lusher, and more tyrannical. Inheriting the regal air of the Golden Dragon King, Tang Wulin’s bluesilver grass gained the ability to demand obedience from lesser plant-type martial souls. A king of bluesilver grass.

After holding that breath for nearly a minute, Tang Wulin finally let it out in one slow exhale. The

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