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Chapter 492 - What About Gu Yue?

“Taking advantage?” Feng Ling crossed his arms. “Fine. If any one of you can take a single attack from me, then I’ll let you all go.”

“Big Brother, let me take care of this.” Na’er stepped past Tang Wulin before he could react. A wave of power burst from her body, her silver eyes shining iridescently.

Feng Ling felt as if hundreds of swords were aimed at him, their razor sharp edges grazing his skin. He instinctively summoned his martial soul to defend himself. But he was too late. In a flash, a silver spear pricked his throat. The chill of metal on skin froze his blood. If the spear had moved a centimeter further, he would be dead. His martial soul summoning was interrupted, his soul power unable to circulate properly to call forth his martial soul. He stood still, sweating. Paralyzed by fear.

From start to finish, the whole encounter lasted no more than a tenth of a second. Her movements had been too fast to follow, no more than a blur. A mere flicker. Whether it were Tang Wulin or Yuanen Yehui or anyone else present, no one could keep track of what had happened.

Four soul rings revolved around Na’er. Three purple, one black. She held a silver spear nearly four meters in length against Feng Ling’s throat with a single, still hand. A fine layer of silver hexagonal scales decorated the slender shaft, spanning the entire length. At the end of the spear was a single blade. It made up a third of the total length of the spear and featured a conical tip. On it were twelve grooves, perfect channels for the blood of any it pierced.

A shiver ran down Feng Ling’s spine. His knees buckled, legs collapsing beneath him. Something warm and wet ran down the sides of his thighs to his ankles, but he didn’t have the capacity to care at the moment. Complexion deathly pale, he wore not a hint of his previous bravado. All the while his underlings watched in fearful silence, postures no longer as proud, mouths wiped of shameless grins. None of them dared to make a move.

They were all soul masters and understood what the soul rings of Na’er signified. Such a soul ring configuration at the age of thirteen held only one explanation. She was from the inner court. As one who belonged to Shrek Academy’s elite class, she was destined to one day overturn the continent! Her young age only amplified her status. An inner court student as young as her was as rare as a phoenix!

Na’er hadn’t even spared Feng Ling a glance the entire time, her gaze fixed on Tang Wulin, a sweet smile dancing on her lips. “Big Brother, let’s get going. I still wanna chat with you some more. Let’s not waste time on these guys.”

Tang Wulin stared at her blankly. When he first began cultivating, she hadn’t even Awakened her martial soul! Yet now she was more powerful than him, already attaining the strength of a Soul Ancestor with four mighty soul rings. She possessed the black fourth soul ring he so desperately hoped for as well.

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