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Chapter 520 - Together in the Mecha

The Federation had strict laws regarding mechas. They were giant robots capable of mass destruction after all. Without any oversight, a low-grade mecha could easily lay waste to a few neighborhoods and cause countless casualties. As a result, getting a license to pilot a mecha was extremely difficult. Although it wasn’t too hard to get a license to pilot a mecha in a single city, getting a continent-wide license like Tang Wulin’s was a painstaking process for most.

Tang Wulin had been approved for his continent-wide mecha authorization in only a few months because Wu Zhangkong recommended him through Shrek Academy. He also had his status as an Honored Citizen, as well as Mo Wu’s referral. In fact, Tang Wulin’s mecha license was worth more than his mecha.

Tang Wulin wasn’t aware of all that. He simply knew that this card allowed him to travel the entire continent in his mecha. As long as he followed the law, of course. If he caused any trouble, his license would immediately be revoked and his name would be blacklisted. Wu Zhangkong hadn’t told Tang Wulin about any of this because he had utmost confidence in his disciple’s moral character.

Tang Wulin turned around to look at Gu Yue. “Let’s get going!”

The cockpit of Tang Wulin’s mecha was by no means large. The co-pilot’s seat was right behind him. Gu Yue was petite, so she didn’t take up much space, but that didn’t mean it was comfortable. In this enclosed space, Gu Yue’s womanly aroma filled the air, making Tang Wulin acutely aware of her.

“Okay.” Gu Yue nodded.

The mecha took a step forward, jets of flame spouting out of its back, and an instant later, they were rocketing into the skies.

Civilian mechas were limited an altitude of one thousand meters. Since this included his mecha, Tang Wulin stopped ascending once they reached an altitude of eight hundred meters. The mecha’s three pairs of wings spread, and its main thrusters spewed flames. A moment later, he and Gu Yue were speeding toward the horizon, headed straight for Heaven Dou City.

Tang Wulin’s mecha had navigation systems built in, as well as a radar to help avoid collisions with planes. His mecha would show up on other radars as well, and when it did, his identification card would be scanned, thus enabling him to fly through various areas safely. If he tried to fly over a city’s airspace without that card, that city’s anti-air defenses would immediately try to shoot him down, and a mecha squad would be sent to intercept him.

“Wow! Flying feels great!” Tang Wulin exclaimed.

Gu Yue leaned over and took in his smiling face, a small smile forming on hers as well. From the moment he tried to show off his mecha by picking her up, she realized she found his boyish excitement amusing. It was rare for her to see him expressing such pure, childlike joy. She could tell just how much he loved mechas.

The mecha settled into leisurely cruising speed as they flew t

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