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Chapter 494 - Golden Dragon Tyrant Body

Na’er used her spear to vault into the air in an effort to avoid the phantom dragons. But it was to no avail. The pressure from Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth proved unescapable. A couple times she span in the air, silver hair whipping in the wind, silver light enveloping her body the moment she landed on his head. As Tang Wulin had informed her beforehand, the only safe location when he used Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was on top of him.

“Did it hurt?” Na’er asked.

Tang Wulin shook his head. The instant the spear had struck him, his scales lit up and he felt as if a burst of blood essence energy had been poured into him. Body urging to let out all that energy, he did so with Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. During the whole event, he hadn’t once felt pain, nor had his scales been damaged.

“That’s good then. I think I know what your soul skill does too.” Na’er smiled.

Tang Wulin looked at her curiously. “So what is it?”

“The first half is invincibility for about two seconds.” She wrinkled her nose. “Well, not quite invincibility. I’m sure you’ve heard of such skills before. Ones where your defense triples for a moment, but it’s practically invincibility during that time. The second half of the skill absorbs the opponent's attack energy and converts it into your own, empowering your next attack. When I hit you just now, I felt my soul power and blood essence being sucked into you.”

“Really?” Tang Wulin had already spent a semester at Shrek Academy, but he never heard of a soul skill like this.

A smile continued to dance on Na’er’s lips. “This isn’t too strange for a soul skill. Besides, this isn’t an ordinary soul skil to begin with. Anything is possible. If you use it well, you’ll be unstoppable on the battlefield.”

Tang Wulin’s heart raced. He mulled over her words, considering the possibilities. A potent counter-attack skill. If he mastered it, it had the potential to be godly!

“Na’er, try hitting me again. But harder this time. Let’s see how strong my defense is,” Tang Wulin said.

Na’er nodded. “Alright. Be careful.”

Tang Wulin grunted his affirmation, then called forth his blood essence. He could easily use his second blood essence soul skill four or five times.

Na’er took in a deep breath, a sharp glint in her eyes. Her aura completely transformed.

Silver light burst from her body, obscuring her figure from Tang Wulin’s view. She became one with her spear, a meter long beam of light shooting out the spear’s tip.

Tang Wulin braced himself, not daring to underestimate the power within her spear.

A shout brought forth her full might. She pointed her spear to the sky, her aura flaring. A wave of power crashed into Tang Wulin and all of his scales went erect, his soul power rapidly circulating to protect him.

“I’m going!” Na’er declared.

Tang Wulin sucked air into his lungs, his second golden ring lighting up. His scales shone once

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