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Chapter 507 - Na'er is Just My Little Sister

The tension in the air was thick enough to carve into. Whipping ferociously around Gu Yue were elemental energies, her eyes glowing as she glared holes through the male students. Even Tang Wulin felt suffocated just by being next to her.

Damn! Is this Gu Yue’s true power?Tang Wulin wasn’t blind to the fact that Gu Yue held back during their matches. In fact, he knew he wasn’t a match for her in one-on-one combat, and this confirmed it.

Gu Yue’s sudden flare of anger and might stunned everyone, including Wu Siduo who had just walked into the classroom.Doesn’t she still only have three rings? How’s she so powerful?

“Gu Yue, they’re just joking,” Tang Wulin said, tugging her hand.

She brushed his hand away, eyes remaining cold. “Whatever.” She sat back down, stone faced.

What’s going on with her?Tang Wulin leaned toward Xie Xie and whispered, “Did you make her mad again?”

Xie Xie clicked his tongue, fighting down a retort. On his other side, Xu Xiaoyan hid her twitching lips with a carefully placed hand, nearly bursting into laughter. Xu Lizhi was the most honest of them, simply pointing at Tang Wulin himself.

“Huh? What about me?” Tang Wulin tilted his head. “What’d I do? I didn’t even see Gu Yue at all yesterday!”

Xie Xie covered his face with a hand. “Ugh. Boss, you just don’t understand girls, do you?”

“What? I don’t get it. What are you talking about? Say things more clearly,” Tang Wulin said.

“Tang Wulin. I have something to ask you,” Gu Yue cut in, grabbing him by the arm and forcibly turning him to face her.

“What’s up?” Tang Wulin asked, still bewildered.

“That girl from yesterday is your little sister, right? Are you two related by blood?” Gu Yue stared him down with the intensity of a storm.

“Yep. She’s my sister. We might not be blood-related, but we might as well be. I picked her up off the streets when we were children and my family adopted her.”

“And she’s just a sister to you?” Gu Yue asked, her nails digging into his arm, leaving little red marks.

Then it struck him. He could hardly believe the absurdity of the situation. “What’s it have to do with you? Jealous?” Tang Wulin smirked. “Don’t worry. No matter how pretty my little sister is, she’s still just my little sister. Besides, she’s still only twelve.” He swept his gaze through the rest of the boys. “So you guys better not even think about touching her. Unless you want to get beaten to death.”

“She’s only twelve! God damn she’s pretty though!” Yang Nianxia exclaimed.

Tang Wulin shot a glare at him.

“My bad, Class President. But it’s okay! I’m willing to wait! I’ll wait until she’s eighteen!”

“Wait all you want then. Let’s see if you guys got what it takes by then. Let me remind you all though, she’s not just another student here. She’s from the inner court. If you guys want a shot, you better give it your all,” Tang Wulin beamed.

“Holy shit! The inne

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