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Chapter 509 - White Agent of the Battle Hall

Guo Xiaoxu bluntly said, “There’s not much I can tell you. Battle Hall is the core of the Tang Sect. Until you join us, everything is classified. What I can tell you, however, is that this world is not fair. Evil lurks in the shadows and there are many problems the Federation can’t handle by itself. The Battle Hall is the one that takes care of those matters. We don’t brag about our exploits. We simply defend the weak and destroy evil. One of our biggest enemies are evil soul masters.”

A shiver ran down Tang Wulin’s spine as his mind flashed back to Mo Lan in a coma. She was fortunate to have recovered, but would never be able to act as a train conductor anymore due to the lingering effects. Now she resigned herself to working in an office. No matter how many rewards the Federation showered her with, the damage done to her was irreversible.

Tang Wulin had witnessed with his own eyes just how little regard evil soul masters held for life.

“I’ll join,” Tang Wulin answered, his thoughts only serving to solidify his decision.

Throughout its long history, the Tang Sect had always stood on the side of justice. The heroic deeds performed by the Tang Sect was the reason why he originally joined them.

From Guo Xiaoxu’s vague explanation of the Battle Hall, Tang Wulin had an inkling of what he was signing himself up for, and he was certain this was what he wanted.

Guo Xiaoxu cracked a satisfied smile. “Welcome. Now that you’re a member, I can tell you more about us. The members of the Battle Hall don’t follow the same ranking system as the rest of the sect. The members of the Battle Hall are called agents. There are four classes of agents: white, yellow, purple, and black. We currently have about two hundred agents. As a new recruit, you’ll start out as a white-class agent. All agents receive a monthly salary of contribution points. That’s how important our work is. The only requirement is that you complete at least three missions a year. For members who also happen to be students like you, only one mission a year is required. Of course, you’ll be rewarded for completing those missions as well.

“Furthermore, Battle Hall agents enjoy certain privileges other sect members don’t. Don’t let any of this get to your head though. I guarantee you will face danger in your missions. When that happens, prioritize your own safety over the mission’s completion. For the remainder of your time in school, I suggest you schedule to complete a mission over any extended breaks you get. Missions take quite a few days.”

“Got it,” Tang Wulin said.

“Now let’s get you registered. Follow me.”

Tang Wulin followed Guo Xiaoxu to the Tang Sect headquarters, where they entered an area he had never been to before. After passing through numerous scans and inspections, they arrived at an underground space.

“Here. These are your standard issue agent equipment. Keep in mind that agents work in sha

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